best bodyboards of all time( review+ bodyboard buying guide)

Sion Milosky

Are you thinking of a vacation, going to the sea and enjoy the wave. Bodyboards will help you in that context. Here are the best bodyboards you can buy.

Bodyboarding refers to one of the most exciting games in the world. The wave will try to knock you down and push you backward. If you can fight them the ocean is yours. Besides, You will get a mysterious feeling when you ride on a wave. In that case, you have to get a pro bodyboard or a professional boogie board.

Most often it is a big question that what bodyboard is the best? or what is the best bodyboard or boogie board brands? or what should I buy according to my size and body weight? what kind of material is used on the board and is that the best material? and so many questions. well, the good news is I have all the answers you wished for. Please check below for further queries.

11 best bodyboards review

THURSO SURF Lightning 42”

Thurso surf lightning

To get the proper fun you need to buy the proper board. There is a big problem that sometimes the board breaks. But not all of them. You just need to choose the right one. The well-known brands provide the best boards. Please check below for details about your dream board.

This is one of the best bodyboards in 2019 by Thurso surf. It is the best bodyboard brand and always tries to produce the best products. A quality board can give you fun when you ride and this is the board that brings enjoyment to the sea. The board is price efficient and long-lasting.

Here are the specifications of the board:

  • length 42”
  • width 21.5”
  • thickness 2 1/8”
  • It is designed for easy gliding as well as focused on stability
  •  Rigid PE core and 2 FRP stringers make the board very light and buoyant
  • The deck is a 4 mm high-density IXPE deck (heat laminated) that makes it well-cushioned
  • High-density polyethylene is used in this board. It is very strong and responsive to bottom skin that adds stiffness and increases board speed.

Point to be noted that this board is ideal for 160-180 lbs body weight. People whose body weight is within the range of 150-200 lbs can also use this board.

While buying a brand you must think about its performance, durability, price as well as it’s outlook. Thurso surf lightning gives you all of these. It is easy to control and it can handle all waves. It has an HDPE silk bottom which decreases the fraction and maximizes your speed.


  • It is made of the best materials. So you will get maximum efficiency
  • Price-efficient
  • Lightweight but much strong to battle all the waves. You can use this board for a long time.
  • It is made by the big brand Thurso surf. You can get a quality product.
  • It is a combo pack you will get a bag and a leash so there is no need to buy an extra bag or leash


  • Not for heavy person

Morey Mach 7

morey mach 7

Do you have previous experience with bodyboarding? Then I will suggest you buy Morey mach7. It is the advanced bodyboard in the market. The brand Morey is the producer of this board. If you are involved with bodyboarding you should have heard the name of this brand.

 Thomas Hugh Morey is the founder of this brand. After graduating from the University of Southern California he used his professional skill to build some surf-related innovation. Then he made a six-foot board with skegs with an epoxy glass bottom and polyethylene deck. Although the design flopped. In 1971 he finally presented his invention to the surf industry and signed up a deal with G&S surfboards. And now Morey board satisfies the customer by giving the best experience.


  • PE core (polyethylene core. Polyethylene thermoplastic core at its core and surrounded by two thin sheets of aluminum)
  • It has a TC8 deck
  • High-density polyethylene slick
  •  no mesh
  • Single power rod stringers
  • Channel: yes
  • Crescent tail
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

Mach 7 is one of the most iconic bodyboards in the world. Its PE core, crescent tail, and classic shape give good stability to the wave.


  • Low price with high features. The latest material is used in the board for the perfect experience
  • It has a polyethylene core.
  • Crescent tail-functional for drop knee, stand-up, prone riders.Lightweight
  • Lightweight
  • HDPE(high-density polyethylene) is a strong plastic that makes the board indestructible


  • There may be a slight problem for big weight rider

Custom X Titan XPE

customx titan xpe

custom x is one of the famous brands in the world of bodyboards. This brand was created in 1987. From the time they provide a standard board for the wave riders. Since the beginning custom x provide its customer the highest quality products and now their team of professional athletes pushing its limit both in water and out of water. As the brand is popular, you can consider buying a board from them. I am sure you will not regret it.

 Custom x titan is one of the best boards on the market right now. First of all, it is made of custom x and the second is its configuration. Overall it is a board that has a right to stand in the top 10 list.

Here are the features:

  • This board can be used as a drop knee and prone. Drop knee need stiffness and it offers stiffness where it is needed and speed as well as control when prone
  • High quality: Its bottom is made of high grade surlyn slick with the channel( surlyn plastic: one of the best materials for bodyboard slick)
  • Wave plunk polyethylene core
  • Tight cell deck material.
  • 50/50 template. Double rails 60/40. This ratio allows for better grip in the wave.
  • Crescent tail(best for all riding)
  • Single or double stringer: 41”-43” comes with a single string and 44”-45” comes with a double string.
  • Various color available

Maximize your fun with custom x titan. The performance of the prone template is only the beginning. Tight cell deck combined with wave plunk polyethylene foam reinforced with latest graphite stringer. It’s surlyn deck skin, crescent tail with the channel and you have all the winner


  • Best according to its price.
  • Great for any level of experience and everyday use
  • Surlyn deck. There is no need to waxing the deck. Surlyn is one kind of material that gives the best grip
  • 50/50 template
  • Best for drop knee and prone rider


  • Best for drop knee and prone rider
  • Best for drop knee and prone rider

ZEFR Fusion Board

zefr fusion board

ZEFR, an exceptional bodyboard brand. Their board is a combination of surfboard and bodyboard. They are newer in the market than other brands but supply strong and standard board. People like their board because of its design, stability, durability. Their special feature of the board is camouflage. ZEFR fusion board is now one of the best top 10 boards.


  • Virtually indestructible: one-piece construction; almost impossible to destroy. It will not de-laminate or gr tater logged
  • High quality: it is between a surfboard and bodyboard. Durable enough to use as a beginner surfboard along bodyboard
  • Specs: due to its wide deck it is more comfortable and stable riding. It is also suitable for prone and stands-up riding. Its tentacle grip traction reduces the need for trackpads and wax.
  • Unique color
  • 18 step PE foam
  • It gives a guarantee to its customer to never delam or bubble. It will never absorb water.
  • Measurement:48”*22”*2”
  •  Removable twin fins

This board is large and can handle heavyweight people. Those who are little can use it as a surfboard as it is 48 inches long. This board is one of the best for a beginner. Stand-up and prone riders find this board very helpful.


  • It doesn’t absorb water and will not form bubbles.
  • the board is made with solid material. so you might need to give a very high pressure to break it
  • Polyethylene foam was used. As we know polyethylene is hydrophobic
  • It is a hybrid board and the among the hybrid board it is best
  • It gives a lifetime warranty that related to three events
  • If the board become unglued and separate into three different layer
  • Heat bubbles-the outside of the board develops a little air pocket that causes further damage to the board
  • Waterlogging- inner core becomes water-saturated


  • You may find scars on the board. But that will not reduce your performance. This scar is caused by the high-pressure process
  • This is bigger than the usual bodyboard

Mike Stewart Science Hybrid XL

Here comes the professional bodyboard. If you have a few experiences of riding waves then this board is for you. First of all the best comes at the best price. Mike Stewart’s boards’ price is a little bit higher than the usual board because it is a wave killer. You can get it all in one.

The first thing is it is a brand on which you can depend. They supply the best pro bodyboards in the market. Those who are acquainted with bodyboarding should know this name.


  • Three stringer polypropylene crescent tail and surlyn bottom
  • Mesh: silk
  • Comes with no leash
  • Size:45”,46”
  • Different color available
  • Hybrid board
  • Slick: surlyn slick skin
  • Slotted channel
  • Wave cushion Air 8 lbs deck
  • Kinetic polypro core
  • 80% drop knee/20% prone


Additional feature

  • 55/45 double rail
  • Chine ridge
  • Chine piece
  •  Tailpiece

As said before you will get all in one. It is a big board and it can bear about 220 lbs body weight.


  • Best for drop knee and prone riders
  • Long-lasting
  • Advanced material is used
  • It can fight all wave
  • It is a hybrid board. So riders can use it as a surfboard too.

Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD CT

Here is another wave master from Mike Stewart science. It is a professional bodyboard. Best for a smooth ride. Mike Stewart Science bodyboards are made with great care and a nice design.

That’s why it is regarded as the best bodyboard

The pocket: improve performance where the energy converges

It is super controllable. Increase the speed at the pocket of the wave. Smooth transition from rail to rail and easy link moves together

You can do your favorite moves you have dreamt about.


  • One stringer polypropylene crescent tail and surlyn bottom
  • Slick mesh
  • Doesn’t come with a leash
  • Size: 41.5”,42.5”,43.5”
  • Polypropylene core
  • Surlyn slick
  • Rail: 55/45
  • Contours: full-body deck contours
  • Channels: MS channel


  • It can combine the energy at the pocket of the wave
  • Best for drop knee and prone riders
  • You don’t have to polish wax
  • Smooth movement


  • Comes with no leash

Hubboards Hubb Quad Core Plus CT

The hub boards first launched in 2013. They build bodyboards according to their knowledge, experience. Because of their ultimate bodyboard, design, refinement, their bodyboard is now at the forefront of the evolution of bodyboarding. They are one of the world-famous bodyboard companies and they have boards accessories besides bodyboards. the boards came in various sizes according to your body weight.


  • Three size available:41.5,40.5,39,42.5
  • Color: cyan, grey, blue, black
  • Nose:10-7/8”, width:19-1/2”, NTW:16” Til:16-1/2”
  • Surlyn slick
  • Slick mesh
  • No Leash
  • One stringer
  • Quad-core
  • 8lb polyethylene deck
  • Hub contour deck
  • It has nose bulbs
  • Graduated channels
  • Crescent tail


The Hubbard is designed with the latest ultimate material. The most advanced core is quad-core at present. Hub boards have quad-core as well as polyethylene decks. It has two layers of mesh that are fused with polypro. Its modern design and latest material give it speed, stability, and durability.


  • Quad-core is used
  • Polyethylene deck
  • Crescent tail for drop-knee and prone riders. As we know crescent tail is best for bodyboard
  • no need to polish wax. It will give the best grip.

Mike Stewart Science Launch LTD

It is the fastest board in the science series. The straight design gives the tops speed at all sections and aims to launch you as fast as humanly possible. It holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is necessary. Be it down to the line of a deep pit to accelerate you skyward.

Ms. Channels: gradual entry but its surface area remains constant through the wave. When you increase the surface and going concave it slows down the board because of drag increase. But with MS channel you will get two advantages:

  1. smooth entry into the channel
  2. no drag producing surface area


  • size:40.5”, 41.5”, 42.5”, 43.5”
  • kinetic polypro core is used in it
  • wave cushion air 8lb polyethylene deck
  • comes with one stringer
  • surlyn slick
  • MS channel
  • Crescent tail-drop knee and prone rider

Additional feature

  • 55/45 double rail
  • Nose bulbs
  • Slick mesh
  • Launch LTD deck contour


  • Polypro crescent tail with surlyn deck.
  • It is made of Science Stewart. And they provide a good quality product
  • MS channel
  • Special edition for speed. Those who want speed on the deadly wave you can buy this without thinking


  • Comes with no leash

Bullyboard Buffalo

Are you a big guy? Here is this board for a big person. Most often heavyweight person finds no interest in bodyboarding because they don’t find a board that can carry their weight. This is a big board that can carry you. Just buy it and enjoy the wave. No need to think about quality because it is the best quality.

It is made by bullyboard. They began their journey in 1985 aim to build a light strong with exotic material. They started with a material called arcel and they are the first to use this. This is a different kind of board specially made for large people.


  • Composite construction
  • The soft exterior and strong internal construction
  • Tandem riding creases
  • Rail template and angle
  • Dimension:57” ×35” ×3-1/4”

It can carry two full-sized adults or one person weight more than 400 lbs. it is super strong. It comes with one or two handles that don’t protrude through the hull.


  • It can carry over 400 lbs. Obviously, it is great news for big people
  • Extremely durable construction
  • It can carry 2 adult people where the other board can carry only one. If you have a partner and want to go through the wave together then you should buy this


  • It is quite large in size. normal people may find it difficult to carry.

NMD Board Evolution

NMD started its journey in New Zealand. With a group of surfers, shapers, designers, and distributors NMD are advancing rapidly in the market of bodyboards. The interesting thing is they get positive feedback from their customer and have moved the forward of bodyboard shaping and design.

NMD board evolution is one of their best products. Its attractive design and advance material make the board exceptional.


  • Polyethylene core has been used on the board.
  • Rail and slick color may be different
  • One stringer
  • It has a nose bulb
  • High-density polyethylene slick and channel
  • 8lbs deck
  • Buzz tech lamination
  • Crescent tail

It is best for a professional bodyboarder. Crescent tail is best for every condition. It helps to control the board easily. Above all the board is good for its price.


  • Crescent tail. Overall best for any board
  • HDPE deck(high-density polyethylene)
  • Low price in comparison to other pro boogie board


  • no color variation

wave weapon

The beach attack pack contains a lightweight and flexible bodyboard and leash and a set of fin tethers to make sure that you don’t lose your fin in the water. Because of the coiled leash, the board will attach to the bodyboarder all the time. You will get these three in one package.


  • High-Density polyethylene slick bottom increases the performance of the board. We know that HDPE slick increase the strength and decrease friction which means it will provide you extra energy
  • It has an EPS core. This light core makes the board more buoyant and more flexible
  • Bottom rare channel and crescent tail. Crescent tail is versatile for all kinds of riding
  • Three sizes available- 33”, 37”, 41”.
  • Stylish design and various colors are available.
  •  60/40 rails

Buy one get three-one boards one leash and two fin tethers. If you find any problem within 12 months they will replace the board.


  • They provide leash and fin tethers so you don’t have to buy them separately
  • 12-month replacement guarantee
  • HDPE slick bottom. It regards as one of the most advanced slick (skin) in the world
  • It is light but durable. Therefore children can use this board easily. There are small sizes available too.
  • The price is so much efficient


  • They don’t provide the fins. So you have to buy the fins separately.
  • Its maximum size is 41” that can carry a maximum of 188 lbs. more than 188lbs bodyweight can hardly ride this board.

Bodyboard buying guide:

Getting the right size:

If you ask me about buying a bodyboard I will suggest first buying the board that fits according to body size. Board size is important because if the board is too small according to your size you will find a problem controlling the board on the other hand if the board is too big you can hardly control it. So you need to choose the right board for you that gives you proper control. There is a relationship between body weight and board size. the bodyboard size chart  will help you to find your perfect board

Bodyboard or boogieboard construction:

Everyone wants a product that they can use for a long time. A durable product can provide the service you bought it for. Bodyboard also needs to be durable as it fights with strong waves every time. Now let’s talk about the core. Normally bodyboards are made with two types of core that is polyethylene core and polypropylene core. The polypropylene core is newer and it is lighter, strong, and flexible than the polyethylene core on the other hand PE core is heavier than the PP core. As a result, the PP core is more expensive than the PE core. So choose wisely.

Bodyboard material:

a bodyboard is made of a core in its center. There are three types of core you will find on the bodyboard. Most common are polyethylene core and kinetic polypro core. Both of them are good for bodyboard but here is one thing you need to know:

  • PP core: it is best for warm water
  • PE core: it is suitable for cold water.


bodyboard design depends on the brand. Every brand has its own shape. There is nothing to worry about it because almost all are the same without the hybrid board.

Bodyboard thickness:

The bodyboard’s thickness varies from 55mm to 51 mm. here is the key point to be remembered: the more thickly the board, the more speed, and suits big carves. The thinner the board, the less the speed and buoyancy but it increases maneuverability.

Wave size:

well, the strong board can beat the big wave where there is a chance that your board can break if you use a low-end bodyboard. So ride the wave according to your board.

Riding style:

professional bodyboarders practice different riding styles, for example, prone, drop knee, stand up riding, etc. all bodyboards are not suitable for standup riding. Hybrid boards are good for stand-up riding. For the beginner, it is best to practice prone riding. Drop knee and standup riding need more effort and practice.

to know how to get started with bodyboarding, click here


the Bat tail and the Crescent tail are most common in the bodyboard. The pro bodyboarder use Bat tail. But Crescent tail is universal as it is suitable for all kinds of riding.


 it is like a spine. It gives strength to the board and makes it harder to break. Body boars have one two or more stringers. Mike Stewart science hybrid XL comes with three stringers.


rocker refers to the upward curve in front of the board. It can automatically occur as the board age, due to heat, etc. things to remember that the greater the rocker the slower the board will go but gives better maneuverability. On the other hand the less the rocker, the more speed you will get but less maneuverable. As it occurs naturally so you should find mainly a flat board


most of us are familiar with this word. It is the edge of the board. More angular rail provides more stickiness and gives you more control. Whereas the shallow rail gives more speed but it is harder to control. Bodyboard rails normally come in 50/50 or 60/40.


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