World’s Best Cold Storage Cold Wallet Choices For Investors In 2022

Best Cold Storage Crypto Wallets for Investors

It is essential to store your cryptocurrency money securely. This is precisely why cold storage alternatives are necessary. This post will discuss the crypto cold storage option, which is the most secure option because hackers would need access to your device and its PIN/password. Examine the top most advantageous crypto cold storage choices for investors in 2022, which will help you choose one of the best for your business purpose. If you want to reap more benefits in less time, contact the best Blockchain wallet development company that will give you a clear insight into which crypto cold storage wallet is best for your business.

1. The Ledger Nano X

Ledger is possibly the most well-known hardware wallet manufacturer on the planet. Globally, huge corporations and tens of thousands of individual investors have faith in the company. The Ledger Nano X is one of the best crypto cold wallets and the company’s flagship hardware wallet.

The pricing of the Nano X is a disadvantage. The wallet will cost an aspiring investor $149, which is not small but a drop in the bucket compared to the level of security provided. Generally speaking, setting up a Nano X is uncomplicated. However, it might be confusing for first-time users. The device is protected by a combination of 24 random words and a PIN chosen by the owner. This means that even if a malicious actor gained physical access to the ledger device, he or she would still require either the 6-character PIN or the recovery phrase to access the funds.

2.  Trezor 

The second-place finisher is the Trezor cold wallet. This business is the primary competitor to Ledger and offers hardware wallets of comparable quality to the market leader. Trezor was introduced before Ledger in 2013, but the company has done well to maintain its impeccable reputation.

The firm offers the Trezor One and Model T. There are a few important variations between the two wallets, despite their similarities. First, Trezor One does not support some major cryptocurrencies, including ADA, XRP, XMR, EOS, and XTZ. However, the Model T does support the aforementioned cryptocurrencies, so investors should carefully examine which cryptocurrencies they intend to store before making a purchase. In addition, the Model T has expandable storage while the One does not, indicating that the Model T can store more assets than its sibling.

3.  Atomic Wallet – The Software-Based Cold Storage Wallet

Atomic Wallet is free and relied upon by over four million users worldwide. It may not provide the same level of security as a Ledger or Trezor cold wallet, but it’s a good option for investors who don’t like using a physical device to access their assets.

Atomic Wallet is a software wallet compatible with multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The wallet is decentralized and non-custodial, so investors have full control and ownership over their assets. Considering how many platforms are currently restricting withdrawals, complete control of funds is a significant advantage.

4. Keepkey – Low-Cost Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Wallet

Not everyone can afford to invest hundreds of dollars on a bitcoin cold wallet. However, Keepkey from ShapeShift provides the same excellent hardware wallet security for nearly half the price of the market leaders.

KeepKey wallets are far more accessible than other options, costing only $49. However, there is a fee associated with this lowered pricing. KeepKey wallet supports fewer than fifty cryptocurrencies. Although this shouldn’t be a major concern for most investors, it is essential to determine beforehand if it supports the assets you wish to store.

KeepKey is a reliable product manufactured by a reputable company. In addition, as part of the ShapeShift ecosystem, it includes a robust, integrated exchange for buying and selling various assets, making it ideal for investors seeking the best cryptocurrencies. It is unquestionably less expensive than the leading cold wallet storage companies, but investors seeking a user-friendly, inexpensive alternative should consider it.

5. Ledger Nano S – Budget Offering From Ledger

Not everyone needs Ledger’s premium offering’s Bluetooth, larger display, and 100 asset storage capacity. For these investors, the Ledger Nano S may be the optimal solution.

Notably, while the Nano S is still available, Ledger has ceased production of the gadget and is being discontinued. It will be replaced by the Nano S Plus, which has nearly identical functionality to the Nano X, excluding Bluetooth and a battery.

The budget cryptocurrency cold wallet is equipped with the majority of the same security measures as its more expensive cousin, although the cost-cutting is obvious in a few areas. With the advent of the Nano S Plus, the Nano S’s lack of capacity is no longer a problem.

Both Ledger cold wallet devices are great low-cost cold storage crypto wallets that provide unmatched security.

How To Choose The Finest Crypto Wallet For Cold Storage?

When purchasing a cold wallet, there are numerous elements to consider that can complicate matters. To simplify the selection process, we’ve outlined a few of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting the best wallet for you.


If an investor decides whether to employ cold storage, their primary worry is typically safety. After painstakingly constructing a portfolio of cryptos with potential, the last thing anyone wants is to lose their crypto, especially due to circumstances beyond their control. Choosing a wallet with a good level of security is essential. It is important to ensure that a potential cryptocurrency wallet is non-custodial, entirely offline, and from a reliable provider.

Accepted Coins

One of the key functions of any cold wallet is the long-term storage of coins. Consequently, a wallet must support the greatest long-term coins. As each investment is unique, it is worthwhile to have a wallet if it supports the specific coins you wish to save.


When choosing the best cold storage wallets, it is always important to examine the price. There is no use in spending $300 on a wallet to keep $100 worth of cryptocurrency, thus, it is advisable to establish a budget beforehand. In addition, some wallets include built-in exchanges. Therefore, verifying the platforms’ costs before purchasing any assets is also prudent.

Mobile Experience

With the rate at which the number of mobile investors is increasing, a wallet with a useful mobile application can be useful. Few cold storage wallets are available and safe on mobile, but the Ledger Nano X’s Bluetooth connection and mobile app make it an excellent option for mobile investors.


If a wallet is complicated and difficult to use, it will be more trouble than it’s worth. The most effective cold storage wallets will also be convenient. If a wallet is difficult to master and provides a terrible user experience, it is usually best to avoid it.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

People discuss using crypto wallets to store cryptocurrency. This is false. Wallets for cryptocurrencies do not store cryptocurrency. They keep data on cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency resides solely on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency wallets store two types of crucial information. To send and receive cryptocurrency, users need both types. 

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Throughout this guide, we’ve covered the top cold storage wallets on the market and a straightforward manner for investors to choose the wallet best suited to their needs. After examining the best cold wallets for cryptocurrencies, we came to an unusual conclusion: Ledger Nano X performed the best in every category.


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