How Do I Start My Own Educational Consulting Business in Bangladesh?

How Do I Start My Own Educational Consulting Business in Bangladesh?

For educators, working for educational consulting organizations may be a lucrative second career. Teachers and other professionals who have worked in education for decades occasionally make the shift to small business ownership by starting a consulting firm. Education consulting is a service offered to parents, students, or educational institutions. They could be counselors, advisors, admissions consultants, or occupational trainers. They might have experience in administration or teaching.

Technology is advancing quickly, and this is altering how we learn. A consultant for education aids in preparing students for difficulties. They provide advice to many relevant parties on the most recent developments in educational technology. Parents and students can get assistance from consultants navigating the complexity of the educational system. The consultant’s duties include determining the student’s level of readiness, creating an instructional plan, and supervising its implementation. The majority of academic advisors concentrate on helping students move seamlessly from high school to college, therefore understanding the criteria for admission to colleges is a crucial skill.

It takes appropriate expertise and abilities to launch an educational consulting business, even if you have years of teaching experience. This article details a step-by-step process for starting an educational consulting business in Bangladesh.

A Guide to Launching Your Own Educational Consulting Business in Bangladesh

In the last decade, Bangladesh has experienced a rapid increase in demand for educational consultancy services. Both new educators and those who have worked in the area for an extended period of time can now consider it as a potential career option. However, the right knowledge and abilities are necessary to start a successful educational business. This article provides extensive information about that.

What is an Educational Consultant?

A professional who advises teachers, students and their parents on academic issues is known as an educational consultant. Different consultants offer various services. For instance, some experts might help parents of a child with special needs choose the best school. By evaluating its policies and curriculum and making changes as necessary, some professionals may assist an institution in improving its educational practices. Others may offer advice on writing college essays and information on financial assistance for pursuing higher education to students. These experts assist their clients in making well-informed decisions about their educational pursuits irrespective of their field of specialty.

How to Start an Educational Consulting Business

When beginning your own educational consulting business, there are a number of crucial considerations. Here are some of them:

Learning about the Industry 

The fact that the business is simple to set up and the start-up investment is indeed economical can successfully launch your own educational consultancy agency business from the convenience of your own residence—is one of the key factors encouraging individuals to establish their own educational consultancy business in the industry. Just setting up an office someplace in your home is all that is required. Most of the time, clients will compensate you based on the outcome you can assist them in achieving in relation to their educational-related difficulties.

The demand for educational consultancy services will increase because more and more worldwide and local understudies are realising that they will eventually need the assistance of educational consultancy organisations to help them choose the best colleges and universities and to manage all of their academic matters. Despite its high level of competition, it is safe to claim that the industry is expanding gradually.

Market Research

Not only do kids under the age of 18 need the assistance of educational consultation organisations; working-class individuals who desire to continue their education are also eligible, as do schools at all levels. As a result, you should be as inclusive as possible when determining the characteristics of your educational consultation agency business. At all educational levels and institutions, it ought to involve both domestic and foreign students.

Deciding on a Specialty

The majority of educational consulting firms typically run a regular educational consulting practice that includes all of the professional services and operations that one would anticipate from a typical educational consulting firm. Because of this, it appears that there aren’t any specific niches in the market. Nonetheless, some educational consulting organisations may choose to focus on a certain important area or specialty.

Looking out for Competitors and Learning from Those in the Field 

It takes a lot more than your knowledge of the industry to succeed as an educational consultant agency in the business. It necessitates that you understand how to connect with important individuals; decision-makers who can choose who will receive an educational consultancy agreement or a business transaction, particularly from the state and institutions. Also, it is a wise move to research where you’ll belong in the competitive industry before opening an educational consulting business in your community.

The location of your organisation and, of course, the unique selling point you serve as an educational consultancy firm will both have a significant impact on the amount of competition in the sector. You will probably face little to no competition if you are able to successfully carve out a distinct specialty for your educational consultant firm.

Talking to someone who is already operating in the industry is a smart approach if you are truly considering starting an educational consulting business. You’re being overconfident if you believe your nearby rivals will provide you with advice. A business owner who runs an educational consulting organisation in a different location, on the other hand, will be far more inclined to speak with you if you aren’t going to be in their direct line of business. In fact, a lot of seasoned business people like advising new business owners. Our estimation is that it can take you a lot of conversations with business owners before you locate one who is eager to impart his knowledge.

Buying a Franchise

A franchise is frequently the quickest path to launching a prosperous small business. Prominent franchises provide prospective entrepreneurs of educational consulting firms with a ready-made business strategy and other tools that are just not accessible to them when starting a business without a franchise.

However, It will be more advantageous for you to begin fresh when opening a business of this kind than to purchase a franchise. Initially, even if you are managing the franchise of a well-known educational consultation agency business, your background will be carefully reviewed before you can land a position as an educational consultant or before students may employ you to solve their educational difficulties. Also, unless you wish to collaborate with schools and institutions, it is costly and possibly difficult to purchase a franchise from an educational consultancy agency.

The majority of the large and prosperous educational consulting firms, on the other hand, were founded from nothing and were able to create a strong brand image. To be successful in business, you must be dedicated, persistent, and hardworking. By doing so, you can create a brand for your educational consultancy agency that will help you succeed in your field of expertise.

Choose a Location and Name for Your Business

While selecting a name for a brand, it is essential for you to be imaginative because the name you select will significantly influence how people will perceive what the brand stands for. When choosing a name for a business, it is typical for individuals to go with the trend in the sector they plan to operate.

If you want to serve a large number of clients and increase revenue from the business, educational consultancy entities and the majority of service-based businesses must be situated in a nice area that is particularly susceptible to both human and vehicular traffic and is at the centre of a school/university neighbourhood.

Legal Issues and Policies

Before starting a business, it is essential to have all the relevant paperwork in order. Furthermore, launching an educational consultancy firm is a serious endeavour, therefore the legal structure you select will have a significant impact on how large you want the organisation to become. It is crucial to say unequivocally that each type of legal framework for a corporation has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you must carefully consider all of your alternatives before deciding on one.

Before settling on a legal structure for your educational consultancy agency business, you should take a few things into account, including your personal liability being limited, how easy it will be to transfer ownership, whether you’ll be accepting new shareholders and owners, and taxes.

Typically, you don’t necessarily have to seek intellectual property protection or a trademark if you are thinking about opening your own educational consultation organisation. This is due to the fact that the business’s nature enables you to effectively manage the firm without needing any reason to accuse anyone in a court of using your intellectual property unlawfully. But, you can petition for intellectual property protection if all you want to secure is your company’s logo, other papers, or software that are exclusively yours.

Obtaining the Relevant Registration and Certification

Professional certification constitutes one of the essential factors that set apart the majority of educational consultant firms from the competition, apart from the outcomes you deliver. You should strive towards obtaining the necessary qualifications in your field of specialisation if you are interested in making an effect on the educational consultancy agencies sector. Professional certifications are strongly advised for you to acquire; they will demonstrate your dedication to the industry. Keep in mind that it will be simpler for you to land highly publicised educational consultancy contracts the more expertise and certifications you have.

Marketing Strategies and Branding

In order for you to effectively communicate your company identity and increase brand awareness, you must. One of the cornerstones of larger organisations is their willingness to continually spend enormous sums of money to increase brand recognition and maintain the corporate image they wish individuals to have of them.

Develop a captivating personal and corporate profile while you are developing your marketing goals and tactics for your educational consultancy organisation. In addition to stating your credentials and experience, it’s crucial to be specific about your past accomplishments in relation to educational consultancy services and the companies you have worked for. This will increase your chances of landing educational consulting contracts in the industry.

You should use print, electronic, and social media as well as other forms of advertising to promote your company’s identity and brand. Using social media and the internet to advertise your brands is actually a cost-effective strategy that is also highly efficient and widely distributed. Another tactic is to promote pertinent local community-based programmes, and TV and radio shows, and advertise your company in pertinent periodicals and newspapers.

Being Ready for Possible Threats

One of the biggest obstacles you will probably encounter if you decide to launch your own educational consultancy agency nowadays is the existence of well-established educational consultancy companies as well as colleges and institutions that are providing the same services that you intend to provide. The only way to get around this difficulty is to develop your own market; focus on students who are unable to afford the expensive prices imposed by reputable educational consultancy firms.

Disadvantageous government regulations, the entry of a competitor into the market, and a worldwide economic crisis that typically affects purchasing power are some of the risks that you will encounter as an education consulting organization. In light of these threats, there isn’t much you can do but maintain your optimism in the possibility of future favorable developments. However, being aware of these possible dangers will enable you to be more prepared.

Leading education consulting firms in Bangladesh

Here are some of the leading education consulting firms in Bangladesh:

  • PFEC Global Bangladesh: PFEC Global Bangladesh is an education consultancy firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It offers services related to higher education, test preparation, visa processing, and career counseling. Established in 2005, the firm has a team of experienced professionals and partnerships with universities and colleges worldwide.
  • IDP Education Bangladesh: IDP Education is a global leader in international education services. It offers a range of services, including study-abroad counseling, language training, and test preparation.
  • GEE Bangladesh: GEE Bangladesh is a renowned education consultancy firm that offers services related to studying abroad, career counseling, and visa processing.
  • Daffodil Education Network: Daffodil Education Network is a well-known education consulting firm in Bangladesh. It offers a range of services related to study abroad, test preparation, and career counseling.
  • G Study Abroad: G Study Abroad is a leading education consultancy firm that offers services related to study abroad, test preparation, and career counseling.
  • AECC Global Bangladesh: AECC Global Bangladesh is a well-known education consultancy firm located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The firm provides services related to study abroad, career counseling, test preparation, and visa processing. With a team of experienced professionals, AECC Global Bangladesh assists students in finding the right course and institution for higher education opportunities in countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada, the US, and New Zealand.
  • Carrer Paths: Career Paths Bangladesh is an education and career consultancy firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The firm offers services related to study abroad, career counseling, and professional development. With a team of experienced professionals, Career Paths Bangladesh provides personalized solutions to students and professionals seeking to pursue higher education or advance their careers. The firm aims to help individuals achieve their goals by providing guidance, support, and resources.


Educational consultants are academic counsellors who help students, teachers, schools, and other organisations with curriculum design. They may collaborate with a student to assist them in making a shift in their educational programme, assist an educational institute in developing new procedures, advise teachers on curriculum, and suggest textbooks.

The requirements for educational consultants are quite clear-cut. It is necessary to have academic experience. But, having a thorough grasp of small startup principles is also beneficial for those who wish to run consulting firms. Even if your consulting business is a one-man show, you still need to handle it like any other small business and pay attention to things like marketing, finance, and other standard small business standards. You can successfully establish an educational consulting business with commitment, diligence, and the necessary business knowledge and abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I select a location for my educational consulting business?

Choose a spot that is accessible to pupils. Promoting yourself will be considerably simpler if your office is near colleges and student housing.

How do I launch a successful educational consulting business?

You need to do extensive market research, find your niche, and depend on marketing strategies.

What is the most essential factor in starting an educational consulting business?

You must obtain the relevant professional documentation to avoid any legal issues further in line. 

How do I choose a name for my educational consulting business?

You should pick a name for your company that is original, innovative, and in keeping with the fashion in the industry you intend to operate in.


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