kids bodyboarding: 10 precaution you should take

kids bodyboarding

It is important to prepare your child for the beach. This means that you should not only pack a lunch and sunscreen, but also consider their safety as well. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 safety measures you need to take when it comes to kids’ bodyboarding


stay away from rough wave

  Do not take young children on rough waves. Kids are more likely to panic if they don’t know how to swim, and can get injured quickly from a large wave crashing over them. If you’re worried that your child will only be able to bodyboard in the shallow water, then find an area with calm breakers before letting them out into deeper waters.


life vest

Always wear a life vest for kids when they are first learning how to surf or bodyboard. Even though these measures may seem redundant, it is important because of breathing issues as well as drowning risks. Life vests can keep their head above water while also ensuring they have enough air supply at all times even if something goes wrong. This makes for better safety precautions in case of an emergency


keep first aid kit nearby

Know where your child is at all times and always have a first aid kit on you just in case they get injured while bodyboarding. Even if the injury isn’t serious, it’s important to be prepared for anything that may happen when you’re out in such rough waters with children who are still learning how to swim or surf safely.

Kids can also sustain injuries from things like sharp coral reefs so take these precautions before going into areas known for having dangerous underwater rocks and corals nearby. If there aren’t any lifeguards around, it’s important to also have a first aid kit on hand and make sure you’re not in an area that is too deep for your child.


Don’t forget about sunburn

A lot of people don’t realize this, but children can get sunburned even when they are wearing sunscreen. After 30 minutes outside in the sunlight, their skin will start developing redness which means damage has already occurred from UV rays. It’s still imperative to wear hats with wide brims or sunglasses so as to avoid any possible harm coming to their eyesight due to excess exposure from being out in the sun all day long.


Light clothes

Wearing light clothes while bodyboarding is usually best because if they need anything like water or something else spilled on them then at least it won’t weigh them down.


Start with shallow water

If your child is a beginner, then it would be best to start off in shallow water and gradually work their way out into the deeper parts of the sea so as not to overwhelm themselves with anything that may come too quickly for them.


Unknown danger below the surface

It’s also always important to keep an eye on children when they are around other people because there may be any number of dangers lurking just beneath the surface that can pose a threat from which you might have no idea about otherwise. It could even lead up to someone getting hurt if things were left unchecked.


stay away from deep water

Make sure you’re not in an area that’s too deep for your child yet or else they’ll likely be left feeling a bit nervous and vulnerable.


keep a float device nearby

Be sure to have some sort of float device nearby in case your child falls off their bodyboard and can’t get back on it by themselves, because going without one could lead up to something bad happening if the water is too deep for them. This becomes a nightmare when there is no adult around.


stay close

It’s always best that you stay close enough to where your child is at so as not to distract them from what they’re doing. while also being far enough away from each other that you give them plenty of space to explore freely without any worries about safety issues arising later on down the line. It will make things much easier all around when this guideline has been followed accordingly.”

video: Kids Boogie Boarding and Ocean/Water Safety [Wild Boyz Adventures – Waikiki]

at last but not the least

Of course, there are some other safety measures you will need to take into consideration as well. For instance, make sure that the water is at a level where your child can stand up by themselves without fear of not being able to stay on their bodyboard for any reason.

The sun’s harsh UV rays also have the potential of causing some sort of damage if they’re allowed too much exposure while out in the open like this and it would be wise to keep them protected from these harmful effects by using sunscreen before going outside.

Also remember to teach kids how dangerous rip currents are so they know what signs should be looked out for when one occurs and what steps can be taken in order for them to avoid getting caught up in one. It’s best taught


The most important safety measure you can take when it comes to bodyboarding with kids is making sure that they have a lifeguard on duty. This means not only being aware of the designated areas where children are and ensuring that there’s an adult present, but also having enough adults around so that each one doesn’t need to watch over too many at once. You should also consider what kind of waves your child will be able to handle before getting them started in any water sport activities like surfing or swimming. And lastly, make sure you’re always prepared by packing sunscreen for everyone and bringing along plenty of snacks for energy! What other safety measures do you think are very important when it comes to bodyboarders? Comment below!

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