THURSO SURF Bodyboard: Lightning 42” Package

thurso surf bodyboard bag and leash

Thurso surf lightning is one of the best bodyboards in 2019 by Thurso Surf bodyboard. They always try to manufacture the quality products. A standard board can give you the fun when you ride and this is the board that brings enjoyment in the sea. The board is price efficient and long-lasting as well as the design and build condition is great. You will feel the ocean when you dive on the wave. Aren’t you excited to fight the wave?

specification at a glance:

  • length 42”width 21.5”    thickness 2 1/8”
  • It is designed of easy gliding as well as focused on stability  besides Rigid PE core and 2 FRP stringers make the board very light and buoyant
  • The deck is 4 mm high-density IXPE deck (heat laminated) that makes it well-cushioned
  • High-density polyethylene is used in this board. It is very strong and responsive to bottom skin that adds stiffness and increases board speed.


A group of young people formed this brand. With a dream of a different future, they created the ultimate board. Now their board is sold almost all over the world. They always try to provide a good product but at a low price so that everyone can enjoy equally. Their product is made of best substance combined with top engineering that can’t be compared with others as well as the goal is to provide the customer with the best experience.

The package includes:

A board, double stainless steel swivels leash and a LUX bag. You don’t need to buy an extra bag and leash. 

THURSO SURF bodyboard :lightning 42”

​The dimension of the board:

  • The board length is 42”
  • Widest point 21.5”
  • Width of tail 21.5”
  • Nose width 12”
  • Thickness 21/8”
  • Build quality:

    This dynamic board is made with the latest material. The company has paid their attention to the stability of the board as well as on glide for easy riding and great enjoyment. Latest material makes the board more stable, light and buoyant. There is no doubt that this board is on the top list of the body’s heat laminated bottom provides more stiffness so it is easy to control and you can get the momentum when you need. Above all the build quality is on the top level.

    Material used in this board:

    Rigid PE(polyethylene) core with two FRP stringers makes the board very flimsy and stable. Polyethylene is now the leading material for body board. besides, High-density polyethylene slick bottom gives extra inclemency and responsive to bottom skin. It increases the board speed. High-density IXPE (heat laminated) brings  well cushion deck and it reduces the risk of delamination.


    This water beast comes with the latest design and feature. The ivory color is available right now. The brand uses the best material so that it can be ensured that the board is durable. There is no need to polish wax on the surface of the board. The surface gives good grip because of modern deck.The major fact is the best body board for beginners. Bodyboarding for beginners always needs an exceptional board for example, the board should able to ride on both big and small wave meanwhile thurso surf lightning is light, tough and can ride small to large wave. so it is your dream board.

    thurso surf bodyboardthurso surf bodyboardthurso surf bodyboardthurso surf bodyboard


    •  It is made of the best materials. So you will get maximum   efficiency
    •  Price-efficient. you can get three in one bundle 
    •  Lightweight but much strong to battle all the waves. You can use this board for a long time.
    •  It is a combo pack you will get a bag and a leash so don’t worry about buying more accessories for your board. It can easily fit in the car.
    •  Don’t think about your weight. It can carry about 160 lbs to 180 lbs. A full-size adult can easily ride this board.
    •  crescent tail makes the board more perfect. 
    1. 1The best thing about this tail is good for both prone and drop knee riders. Easy to do any type of dive. i.e Duckdive
    2. 2Professional bodyboard riders generally choose crescent tail.


    • It is not for big people or heavyweight people.


    01. Is bodyboarding easier than surfing?

    difficulties varies from people to people. But most people agree that bodyboarding is much easier than surfing. There are also some benefits to the bodyboard. It is smaller than the surf board. You can go prone and see the wave bigger as well as they are cheaper than a surfboard. on the other hand surf board is big and hard to control in the water.

    02. whats the difference between bodyboard and boogieboard?

    The difference can hardly be found. The term body board and boogieboard are similar. Tom Morey, the founder of Morey body board, established his brand with the name of boogie board. Normally there is no variability between body board and boogie board.

    03. can you stand on this bodyboard?

     yes, you can. Stand up riders normally stand on a bodyboard. There is some hybrid board that is cross between surfboard and body board.for example the ZEFR fusion board. You can easily stand on those board. Fat people might find problem standing on a bodyboard.

    04. Do you need fins to thurso surf bodyboard?

    Fins may be helpful to body board bacause it can increase the speed of the board. If you love speed on the wave you should add a fin to your board. It will give you better control and additional momentum.

    05. what are the best fins for body board?

    The Fishtown swim fins

    Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

    Custom x fin

    Gyroll mike Stewart fin

    video:Thurso Surf 2019 Bodyboard Lightning Tangerine Highlight

    from Thurso Surf


    Whenever we need to buy something we always try to find the best. We research the product find its good and bad side after that we decide what to buy. Our team also try to introduce you with the best creation. Thurso surf lightning is the best bodyboards on the market with a good review and rating. For good control ,grip and fun you need to buy something like this. Finally,we can say that The board worth the money.  You can buy this board. We hope you will not regret. .


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