Biofloc Fish Business And Training in Bangladesh

Biofloc Fish farming business and training

The Biofloc fish business and training are becoming more popular these days. It’s a cost-effective business for more productivity. Fish with good protein and less toxic elements are produced hugely through this aquaculture.

Biofloc fish farming aims to convert the contaminated nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia into good protein. This technology maintains a healthy atmosphere of the carbon-nitrogen cycle in the water. This technology also accelerates the growth of accurate biochemical bacteria, fungi, and single-celled organisms.

If you want to know about Biofloc farming or going to start this aquaculture, this article will be a complete guideline for your primitive step.

Biofloc Fish Business And Training Is A Profitable Farming

Biofloc is an eco-friendly aquaculture system for contemporary fish farming expertise. You can use limited water and land with immense efficiency. The production of quality fish will enrich the fish demand of your farm with less toil.

In the present world, we are facing a population problem, and it impacts our environment. The growing population needs more protein, and fish is one of the best and safe sources of it. It is becoming a challenge to produce more safe fish from fewer sources.

Biofloc fish farming training allows the fish to culture using less water and land. It also provides healthy (omega 3) and protein-rich fish without toxic elements. Furthermore, you don’t need to take too much hassle to cultivate and catch the fish.

The Problems Of Fish Farming And Biofloc Farming

It is very difficult to get good food regularly in fish farming. The source of water requires frequent cleaning for breeding. Also for water purification, a good quality feed is also required which is suitable for fish. In this case, Biofloc farming preparation is a potential solution for Fish farming.

Lacking big space or water source

Fish farming needs land for cultivation. If you want to produce a considerable amount of fish, you also have to arrange an ample space or water pond. It is costly, and sometimes you can’t arrange proper land or pond for firming. Moreover, our increasing population of the world decreases their land for a living. Biofloc Firming needs a covered tank for fish, which you can arrange easily. It also cost less money and equipment.

Aeration problem

The main problems of fish firming are the supply of oxygen and proper aeration. In the open water, the fish get adequate oxygen, but in limited water like a tank, hamper the aeration systems. Biofloc technology provides extra carbon through feed or carbon sources and enriches nitrogen in the water. There is a power bank for the constant activity of the aerator.

Waste is harmful to fish firming

More fish produce more waste for which the growth of fish and other aquatic life can’t develop properly. The waste also prevents proper oxygen circulation in the water, although a small tank can’t afford much fish for firming. Biofloc technology filters and recycles the wasted feed, feces, and extra nutrients and turns them into food for fish. These are used to alleviate the shortage of fish food.

More fish need more food

Fish need feedstuff for growing. Biofloc fish farming technology provides the facility to use water waste as useful ingredients. This process helps to reduce the growth of bacteria. It also helps to increase the concentration of ammonium even in high concentrations. As a result, a farmer doesn’t need to cost more on feed.

The disease can hamper the fish firming

One of the main problems of fish is various water diseases. These waterborne diseases cause various types of damage to fish which hinders fish farming. Farmers need to apply a lot of medicines for healthy fish species. In Biofloc farming, however, the waste will be recycled as aqueous flavored food and will retain a healthy aquatic life.

Biofloc Preparation For Fish Farming

The Biofloc Fish business is a profitable business with low-cost efficiency. If you want to start this farming at first, you have to make a proper plan. A planned strategy can elevate you a long way. Make a list of your equipment, choose the land and water tank for farming, learn about the fish and food. Moreover, point out the main problems of fish farming.

1. The Species Of Fish In Biofloc Technology

At first, choose a fish species for Biofloc firming. You can choose shrimp as the best option for firming. Tilapia is another species that has good adaptation power. Also, you can use another fish for firming. Always collect healthy fresh fish for firming.

2. Prepare the water sources

Prepare the concrete ponds or tanks for Biofloc firming. Wash the tank properly. Always use a cover on the tank. A covered indoor source can prevent any issue of heavy rainfall, alkaline, or ph. Don’t use open or natural sources. Because the Biofloc system can affect the minerals and microbes of the soil underwater.

3. Aerators for oxygen supply

You need to provide a proper oxygen supply to the tank. A small dense place with improper oxygen circulation can enrich the ammonia and methane, and it will kill the life of water. Arrange the paddlewheel aerators for proper air circulation. In a one hectare space for one hour, per liter need 6mg oxygen supply.

Aerators need to move frequently to create currents. You can’t allow settling the solid underwater.

4. Make a draining system for extra water

It is essential to make a proper system for releasing the extra water. Adding more water can imbalance the ph level of the tank. Don’t let the rainwater in the fish tank.

5. Culture the water

Biofolc firming requires culturing water. Culturing water is a method of supplying oxygen in the water to maintain its ph level. There are many ready-made recipes in the market to culture the tank water. Follow the methods below:

  1. Wash your tank properly.
  2. Pour fresh water to fill the tank.
  3. Add salt to the water. Use 1000 grams of salt for 10000 L water.
  4. Now add calcium carbonate to control ph.
  5. Add probiotics to the water. Use probiotic as labeled instructions.

6. Provide sufficient carbohydrates for preventing more ammonia

Ammonia is not good for fish, and it works like toxic. The nitrogen of feedstuff can produce ammonia. So you need to apply carbohydrates to ensure the growth of fish. The carbon helps the bacteria to maintain a nitrogen level in the water. Give the feed mix with carbon and nitrogen, and the ratio will be 9:1 or 10:1. You can add sugar or starch with the feed.

7. Give good quality feed

Healthy food makes healthy fish. Provide the proper feed with the proper quantity. Always give 5% of food according to the total weight of all fish. Do not use too much food. Biofloc systems require less food from open water fish farming. Using the right amount of feed will increase your business day by day. So it is easy to maintain good quality water food for Biofloc fish.

Additional Issues For Biofloc Fish Tank

Avoid additional problems with Biofloc fish tanks Maintaining proper water levels is important. Simply fill the tank with half of it.

1. Maintain the water level

It is important to maintain the proper water level. Just fill the tank of its half portion.

2. The proper time to start Biofloc fish firming

Once ready, the tank uses probiotics for water. Wait three to seven days. You can notice flocs floating on the water.

3. Monitor the algae and bacterial activities

Algae and bacteria are too small to see. But they change the watercolor. The algae make the water green, and the bacteria cause the water brown. These hues are suitable for fish feeding.

4. Monitor the aeration system

When the hue of the water is green, you have to increase the aeration rate. The changing color denotes the high density of water, which provides less oxygen for fish. This can harm aqua life. Even a power failure can stop providing more oxygen to the bacteria. Within a short time, these bacteria will produce ammonia in the tank.

5. Arrange a non-stop power supply

Non-stop power supply is important for continuous aeration processes. Biofloc uses a small space for a huge amount of fish. The density of fish and feed makes waste in the water, which prevents more oxygen for fish. Moreover, the bacteria of the water produce harmful ammonia due to a lack of oxygen. When the color of the water turns green or brown, you should increase the aeration system.

So, you need a continuous power arrangement. Any breakdown of aeration during green or brown color water can make a total loss of the whole firming.

6. Apply salt according to TDS control

It is important to check the TDS level. Check the TDS level of water before adding salt. The tenth point is the level suitable for water. You can check TDS by a TDS controller device.

7. Check the ph level

It is important to check the pH level as well as the TDS test. Check the pH level of the water in the tank before adding any chemical. Point eight is suitable for the appropriate pH level.

8. Monitor the water quality

Always check the oxygen levels and ammonia in the tank water. This task will upgrade you to your tank atmosphere. Your fish remain healthy and safe. You should concern about the proper aeration systems and lining in the tank.

9. Clean the firm and tank regularly

Properly clean your tank before and after any harvest. It helps to reduce the risk of any disease. Organize your cleaning work regularly. Maintain personal cleanliness before and after firming.

Advantages Of Biofloc Fish Farming

Biofloc fish farming is a modern cultivation system. It has lots of advantages to the step of fish firming. It is profitable for fish farming.

  • Biofloc is an environment-friendly firming technology.
  • It’s a Low-cost fish farming technology.
  • It decreases the environmental effect.
  • This firming uses less water.
  • Biofloc fish need less feed.
  • Uneaten foods turn out to be useful.
  • This technology requires less space but more fish.
  • Produce protein-rich fish with omega 3.
  • This technology produces fish with less toxicity.

Biofloc Fish Firming Cost

Biofloc fish firming cost less from open water fish farming. It takes less land and equipment for controlled fishing. The price will include the number of tanks, aerators, pipes, probiotics, fish, feed, and so on. Try to manage the continuous power supply for non-stop aeration.

Biofloc Fish Farming Books

Biofloc technology is steel in research. It is an updating method that is changing day by day. You can read some Biofloc fish farming books to learn more about Biofloc technology. “Biofloc Technology: A Practical Guide Book” by Yoram Abimelech. This is one of the best learning tips books. Google has many PDF books on which you can learn more.

How Can I Manage A Quality Biofloc Fish Farming Training?

If you want to know about Biofloc Fish Farming, you can take the help of Google. There are many online short courses that will give you live tech. You can learn a lot about this Biofloc fish farming through books besides Google. Most of the countries in Asia are applying Biofloc technology. You can get help from their website.

Final Thought

Biofloc Fish Business and Training is now a time demanding fish farming method. It is an incredible technology for firming fish. Fish firming can provide more protein-rich fish to the larger population of the world. It also reduces the risk of business firms. But it requires more attention and monitoring.

There is no substitute for gaining knowledge on this subject to improve your Biofloc fish business. So the right way to acquire the right knowledge can give you success and gain.



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