Most dangerous accidents while surfing

surfing accidents

Bodyboarders and surfers don’t know themselves without their board. Actually, boards are the effulgence that guides surfers towards their dream. But many times accidents chased them in the dark. Sometimes it’s for the poor board quality or just damn cruel luck. The consequence? Let’s talk about the most dangerous surfing accidents that took the lives of some great surfer


 Most discussed surfing accidents

ace cool - Most dangerous accidents while surfing

  • Another renowned surfer Kirk Passmore disappeared when a second wave hit him at Alligator Rock in the area of 61-389 Kamehameha Highway
Video: Wave cinematographer captures surfer’s last wave by KITV
  • Hawaiian surfer Sion Milosky died while surfing at Maverick’s in Half Moon Bay, California on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. Witnesses said he drowned after suffering a two-wave hold down in massive surf.

Sion Milosky

  •  The same goes for Peter Davi who was thrown off his board and ended up attempting to swim in from the break-in on 4th December 2007 at Ghost Trees, Pebble Beach in California.
video: peter Davi Rest in Peace by sliced bread
  • British surfer Andrew Cotton suffered a nasty injury during the Punta Galea Challenge, an event in the Basque country on 11 December 2018. His back leg was hit by a wave. The cruciate ligament in his right knee has torn. Misfortune was kind of friend of Andrew Cotton! In November 2017 his back had been broken after being crushed by a 60-foot wave off Nazare beach in Portugal.


  • In December 2015 Bede Durbidge suffered a shattered pelvis after hitting a lava reef in a horrific wipe-out at Hawaii’s Oahu’s north shore.
  • Kevin Bourez faced one of the worst injuries in Teahupoo history.
  • Bourez suffered a terrific wipeout, plummeting headfirst into the reef.
  • In 2016 Albee Layer was going to die at Peahi Paddle Session. He misread the wave & then the wave showed who the boss is

Along with Paul Roach, Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, Jared Houston, Mike Stewart many bodyboarders have already faced misfortune at the time of bodyboarding. They’ve considered accidents as a part of life. In fact, all are so glad as a surfer & they want to get lost in their moment.


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