how to clean bodyboard? safe process for bodyboard wax removal

bodyboard wax removal
bodyboard wax removal

Do you need to clean your bodyboard? The answer is yes. but there are so many confusions about cleaning a board or  You will find out many ways. Some will say use heat others will say use warm water etc. to remove wax from your bodyboard. so what should you do to remove wax from your board?

First of all, you need to remember that excessive heat or heat is the main enemy of the bodyboard. A bodyboard is made of some layers and the layers are laminated by heat. When you put heat again it delaminates thus shorten the lifespan of your board. Heat also might change the shape of your board. The rails and the rocker will change and break apart. some people will suggest using warm water but if you use too warm water it might melt the polypro core because its melting point is 100 degrees centigrade. Some people use a ruler to scrape the wax out of a board. And it harms the cells of the surface. It’s not a good option either.

Another harmful thing is sunlight. Sunlight put direct heat on the board, especially on the black bodyboard. it absolves light more than any other color. Focused heat reaches the core and damages its form inside. Bubbles may form and the delamination process will be started faster than its usual time. In most cases, the bodyboarder cannot notice the changes in the bare eye.

So how will you remove wax from your board?

The only harmless suggestion is to Use nothing to remove wax. It will be removed automatically after a couple of rides. It is safe and will not harm your board. but If you want to clean it manually then there are some less harmful options for you

Firstly, use a hairdryer. But always remember to avoid too much heat. Use the dryer to melt the wax and a towel to wipe off the wax. An old towel would be good as it will produce more fraction than a new towel.

video: bodyboard wax removal by Jake Yarish

Secondly, you can use mineral spirit. It will dissolve the wax and later wash the board with cold water. Do not use a strong reagent or dissolver. Some strong wax dissolver might damage the plastic.

Thirdly you can use warm water but as I said before it might harm your board if the water is too hot. So, the temperature is most important here. Lukewarm water would be perfect.

Finally, remember these things-

  • Never put too much heat on your board
  • Try not to reheat an area while using a hairdryer
  • Don’t leave your board in the sunlight unless you have a plan to buy a new one. Check our bodyboard review and buying guide
  • Don’t use a strong wax dissolver to dissolve the wax


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