How to Take Care of Bodyboard?

bodyboard care

no professional bodyboarder or riders ride on wave every day. Everyone needs to do some stuff rather than entertainment to run their life perfectly. It is important to take care of your board especially when it’s not in use. It is the time when the unseen damage occurs. So where should you keep your board when you don’t ride? let me know in the comment. The question seems easy to answer but before answering we need to know some facts

Bodyboarding is a watersport. It is made to deal with the water. Heat is the main enemy of bodyboard even hot water.

First of all heat destroys bodyboard. the layers are laminated by heat and reheat might separate the layer quickly. Heat also changes the shape of the board. The polypro core started to melt at 100degree centigrade.

Secondly the bodyboard is made of plastic. If you keep the board on uneven, rough place then the shape might change if it stored for a long time. Scratchy place harms the bottom and deck cells. And later cause water logging.

Thirdly never put your board on its nose.

bodyboard care:

  • Try to keep the board in a cool place
  • Use bodyboard rack if possible
  • Never leave the board under the sun
  • Don’t try to test the flexibility by force
  • Don’t use scale to scratch the wax off
  • Wash with cool water after every use
  • This board is for water. Don’t use this for sand sliding or soon you will find yourself unboxing a new board.


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