How to Start a Chatbot Agency?

How to Start a Chatbot Agency in bangladesh

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer-based program that helps you run your business successfully, in every aspect. It works like a machine, helps like a friend in need. Basically, it is a software that uses predetermined answers to converse with visitors using voice or texts. Chatbot can be designed to express emotions and handle inquiries just like a human being with a few exceptions.

How does a chatbot work?

The chatbot program is artificial intelligence or Al, set up with previously determined questions and answers. But chatbot gives us all the answers in the text message or an audio message. It is a gift of modern technology. You ask the chatbot and it answers. It manages your business, clients, can keep notes, can help you as a virtual secretary or as a spouse. Even a child can ask and can get replies. The chatbot is that prompt and easy to use. It works with all the latest information, answers to personal problems to official questions.

Types of chatbots

There are two types of chatbots, prompt to answer, conversational and rule-based.

  • Conversational Chatbot:-  The conversational chatbot is friendly, it talks and helps like a virtual or a digital assistant. This chatbot can help in daily problems or can give suggestions like another human being.  It is different from the chatbot that follows rules.

  • Rules Chatbot:- Rule-based chatbot follow the created paths during conversations. The user can take the answer. If the user needs options. The next answer will be different.

Know how chatbots will help your business


  • People like new things. They get interested to involve new technology. If you use a chatbot, you will get prompt and perfect answers. They are created with artificial intelligence, so you will get the full benefit of the answers. The chatbot used in an office or in any working place is programmed in that way. It will serve you as needed. You buy a machine brain with money and you will get perfect service. Their perfectness will help you to chat with your customers, to give perfect and prompt answers. They will please your clients and their behavior will bring more clients to your business. Not being late, not being courteous, not giving answers, not attending properly, there are no such complaints. So you get satisfied and happy customers bring more customers.

    • You can give 24 hours, seven days’ service. Bots don’t need free time or holidays. This service gets you more clients.

    • Chatbots receive customers happy and make them feel important. Serves the customers properly. The customers never feel neglected. The immediate response of chatbots satisfies the customer’s thirst for attention.

    • Customers are engaged in talking with chatbots and are happy to get their attention evaluated.

    • Chatbots satisfactory service will save more money.

  • Engaged customers are satisfied leads, which bring more leads and grows conversion rates.

How it benefits you?

You can start a chatbot office without any preparation. Only add chatbot to your current advertising admin system. 

  • As a rule for advertising organizations. 

  • Because current clients are expecting it. 

  • -Chatbots can bring huge outcomes for your customers. 

  • -Chatbot advertising fulfills other computerized administrations. Like Facebook advertisements and internet-based life. 

  • -Chatbots can furnish an income stream with significant retainer contracts. 

  • -Chatbots are an easy sell. 

  • -Chatbots set your office apart as creative and artificial. 

  • -Chatbots are a perfect method to oppose occasional droops or getting antiquated. 

  • -Chatbots are adaptable. 

  • -Chatbots are easy to use. It can work everywhere. 

  • -Chatbot manufacturers are reasonable.

Things to keep in mind while making a chatbox

Chatbots or virtual assistants help to automate the main business. Functions like sales, support, and marketing, is being helped. Here are a few tips to customize your chatbox. This chatbot delivers conversational support to your customers.

  • At first, think about your business objectives. You have to stimulate your business functions that will work automatically. What exactly will your chatbot do? 

  • Choose the right channel to interact with your customer’s demand.

  • Find out the channels your customers feel comfortable to speak with you. Across different websites and platforms. 

  • Train your chatbot to give the right response. 

  • Try to train your chatbot with comprehensive FAQs depending upon your business needs. 

  • Give your chatbot a voice and personality. 

  • Grow your chatbot personality by giving a reputation.

  • Enhance your brand message with a video. 

  • Create a balanced approach. Most of the chatbot is not that effective. 

  • But customers keep looking for chat support at some point. You’ll select when your customers can get a chance to connect with the human agent. Test, launch, and iterate. After you’ve defined your chatbot flow you’ll test to learn if it’s meeting the use case correctly. 

  • Once you launch your chatbot you can measure your chatbot performance and make the required iterations from time to time.

Chatbot platforms are excellent for businesses. You need to create your chatbot with less effort and time. Here are the standards to pick out a small platform. 

  • Easy to use – Create a small platform including a predefined model. Make it straightforward. Create the platform as per need. Use it across many channels.

  • Cryptography-With zero cryptography, you’ll be able to produce a chatbot with marginal development. With less effort & time and target for higher client engagement.

  • Analytics – Small analytics helps to keep your clients satisfaction. What are the thriving and unsuccessful searches your chatbot will answer? Calculating these metrics, you can establish the key queries your customers are asking. Train your chatbot that way. 

  • Live chat – you’ll be able to hunt for a small platform that supports each live chat and chatbot. Bots will handle less complicated queries. Thus the complicated ones will be transferred for human support.

A Successful chatbot 

      When you use chatbots and lead generation, your business will get a great number of leads. Filling up forms could also be important. The neighborhood of lead generation works with chatbots. The bot can ask relevant questions. They are to provide information. Vainu, a documented data analytics service built VainuBot for pre-qualifying leads. The bot asks questions to the visitors. Then qualifies them by providing few options and moves to the next step. When the chatbot works properly and you get many leads, flowing business, then you can say that you have a successful chatbot.


As a marketing agency, you may need to offer a replacement product or service. It’s important to get top-of-the-line tools. Creating and sustaining your new product. There are more chatbot builders than MobileMonkey. So here are some guidelines for choosing an honest chatbot builder. 

Choose a chatbot builder that’s easy to use. Select a chatbot builder that gives many features. Choose a chatbot that has endorsements from notable marketers. Choose a chatbot company that won’t leave business anytime soon. That fourth point is crucial. Chatbots are within the youth of development. So some companies are rising and falling all the time.

Find someone who’s been in business longer than a couple of months. Get features of a solid support team, and has some social support (like a Facebook group). MobileMonkey is that the fastest-growing official Facebook Messenger marketing solutions provider partner. MobileMonkey, the rising star, the chatbot marketing world, recognizes Facebook. The marketing notables like Neil Patel, Mari Smith, and Brian Dean supports MobileMonkey. 

MobileMonkey serves as workplace software. As a workplace pricing model, the whole MobileMonkey platform is fitting to agency marketers. So the tools are for agencies to use on behalf of their clients. 

MobileMonkey has thousands of agency marketers. This includes Facebook marketing agency. Social media marketing agencies, and other boutique marketing agencies. Inspect the MobileMonkey Certified Agency Directory. See how other marketers are using the merchandise and selling their chatbot services.

Find out how MobileMonkey works

  1. Unlimited Facebook pages.

  2. Scaling your services without external costs. Unlimited features.

  3. MobileMonkey’s features are out there to each Facebook page. 

  4. Each one for your client’s on-boarding support provided by MobileMonkey.  Expert bot builders.

  5. Unlimited Messenger contacts. 

  6. Including free and enough runways. Creates major results for your clients. Your entire marketing team and your clients can collaborate on the event of the chatbots. 

When you need chatbot for an office

If you would like to skip the creation process and work with something ready-made, we’ve got you covered. MobileMonkey has assembled a strong library of chatbots.

When you’re starting out, you’ll copy or borrow from the prevailing chatbot templates. 

Then, the more dialogues and sequences you will have to develop. More options you’ll need to choose between once you create chatbots for other clients. 

If you become niched-down into a specific vertical, then it becomes easy to a couple of elements. Supply your new chatbot client a chatbot service. It takes you a couple of minutes, but you give them a fresh marketing channel.

For example, you serve doctors with marketing services, you’ll recycle the doctor’s office chatbot for several of your clients.

Whichever way you want your chatbot, the business you want to succeed, you use that chatbot. It will not be wise to use a doctor’s chatbot, to use in a farm. Then you will never get good result. You have to use a chatbot, check its service, the more you use, the better you can create. The best service you will give your customers.

Pricing your chatbot for your agency

Chatbots are valuable marketing services. It’s important to determine a pricing structure. The structure will qualify the value of your product. Without making it cost-prohibitive for tentative clients.

The best pricing structure, if you’ve started a chatbot agency, is a simple fee for chatbot creation. Use a retainer fee for the ongoing service.

Here’s how it might work:

  • 1 chatbot = $1,000

  • Ongoing retainer = $500/month base + $50 per chatbot

This is, a simple pricing structure, but it gives you a starting point.

There are a variety of chatbot-related services that you can offer your clients. These prices are, up-sold, provided as free, or whatever combination you think would work best in your particular niche.

Here are some successful examples of chatbots

  • Adding a WordPress plugin to the client’s website.

  • Creating Messenger ads on Facebook.

  • Developing QR Messenger codes.

  • Sending chat blasts Launching drip campaigns.

  • Providing integrations.

  • Posting comment guards.

  • Creating custom landing pages.

  • Live chat takeover.

  • Adding RSS blaster.

  • Providing bot analytics.

  • Be sure to line an ongoing retainer fee for chatbot service.

The retainer fee covers the continued cost of your chatbot. 

It’s time to start out with your chatbot agency. And, if you have already got a marketing agency, you’ll cross-sell. Or upsell your chatbot services to the clients you have already got. 

Pull out the stops to your marketing. You’re offering a valuable service. One that is almost bound to magnify your clients’ business.

Now, as you’re conscious of what’s a chatbot and the way important it’s for your business. You’ll agree that chatbots have changed the way businesses interact with their customers. 

Final Thoughts

AI bots became an important part of a customer engagement strategy. Future bots will advance to strengthen human capabilities. Human agents have to be more innovative, in handling strategic activities. To create an effective chatbot, you’ll follow the guidelines given below.  Identify what is important for your business and build the bot according to a key use case. Your bot should match your business requirements and boost customer satisfaction. You’ll measure the metric to know the bot ROI. Use the proper platform that covers the bot. Live chat is an entire toolkit. In order that your team can understand the customer journey better to have control over the customer’s conversations.



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