How to Start a Jam and Jelly Making Business?

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Do you want to start your own jam-making business? Do you want to build your carrier by built a small Jam-making business but don’t know anything about how to start a jam-making business? If so, then you need to know about how to make jams/ jellies? You also need to know the procedure of how to start a jam-making business.

Are you thinking about where you will get this information from? You don’t need to worry; just read this article carefully. We provide you with all the information about how to make jam and jelly and What is a jam-making business? In this article, we will discuss a step by step guideline on how to start a Jam-making business. So, let’s begin.

How to make Jam/Jellies?

The main ingredients to make any jam/ jellies are fruits, sugar, lemon juice, and pectin etc. you have to wash the fruits to add them in a big pan along with other needed ingredients and boil them in medium heat, and smash them to mix well. Then, stir them in a low hit to come to the moisture out from the fruits. The secret of every tasty jam/ jellies is the heat; you should boil your fruit mix in low heat to extract all the moisture from the fruits.

Wait until the mixer come into thickness, and then take a frozen spoon to test the jam/ jelly is okay. Take a particular amount of jam on the frozen spoon and wait for few seconds. If your finger makes a clear mark on the jelly, then your jam is ready to preserve. Take out the pan from the heat and cool them for some time, and then transfer them into the jar or container to preserve them.

You can preserve the jam without preservatives and can for a week, or you can store them for three months if frozen.

What is a Jam-making business?

A jam business is a kind of business to produce various flavored jam/ jellies and packed them for distribution locally or internationally. A jam-making business makes different kinds of jam/ jellies with various flavors and sell them in the local market or to the retailer market. Jam and jellies can be used in everyday breakfast with bread, cookies, sandwiches etc.

A report on the jam and preserve industry by Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food in Canada mentioned that the jam and preserve industry brings annually over $1 billion in the United States.

A small jam-making business can make your economic status stable as well as can bring fame for your business. If you want to know how to start a jam-making business, then this article is for you and we are here to help you with detailed information on how to start a jam-making business.

How to start a Jam business?

If you want to represent your brilliant jam recipes to the local or international market, then you need to start a jam business of your own. If you want to make incomes from your jam-making business, then you need to follow some steps to build your own jam-making business. Here we provide you with a step by step guideline on how to start a jam-making business?

Appropriate planning, along with strategy is the main point to consider before starting a jam-making business. You can begin your own jam-making business from your home kitchen only.

So, let’s discuss the strategies in details and make it clear to you so that you can start your own jam/ jelly business with ease.

Steps to follow for starting a Jam-making Business

Starting a Jam-making business is not as easy as it sounds to start. Before you start your own Jam-making business, you have to follow below-stated steps that are required to start a successful jam-making business.

Study the Market

The first step to start a jam-making business you have to study the market that means you have to find out about the demand of the customers and which types of flavor do they like for the jam. You should check out how the new start-up jam company are welcome in the market. Which kinds of jam such as single fruits jam or mixed fruit jam and jelly are preferable by the consumers.

If you follow this step, then it will help you to find the accurate idea about which flavor you should work with to start a jam-making business. You will find about the segment of your target customers.

Plan your Business

The second step to start your jam-making business is to plan your business. You know about the test of your target consumers, now plan your business. You should consider your business’s start-up costs. Though you can start your small jam-making business from your kitchen with a little investment, you should collect or buy jam-making equipment to start a jam-making business.

You can buy the ingredients and jam-making equipment from the wholesale market. The wholesale market provides items for a lower price than the retailers. You should consider the production, and shipment costs as well to plan your budget for your business.

Register your Company

The next step to follow to start a jam-making business is give an attractive name to your small jam-making business according to what kind of jam you want to produce. A simple but attractive name can help you grow more traffic for your business. You have selected your business name, now register your business with your country or states to get legal access to the production and distribution of your jam-making business.

You will get a valid permit with the authorizing authority and a tax identification number to run your small jam-making business legally.

Check the food production Laws of Your Country.

The next step you have to follow to start your own Jam-making business is to check the food production laws of your area as well as zoning if you want to sell your jam in the international market. You can start your small jam-making business from your home; in that case, your household setup can save a considerable amount from your business start-up costs.

Now get approval from the concerned authority for the household production. In denial of permissions for your household production, you can rent a small kitchen of a restaurant to use it at a scheduled time.

Meet the Licensing Requirements

You have studied the market, get the proper planning for your business, registered your company, and checked the food production Laws as well. Now you have to meet the legal requirements from the Food and Drug Administration office or the Health Board to get legal certificates as well as license to run your jam-making business.

You will need to meet the licence requirements according to your country or states. Licence requirements process may vary from one country to another country. Your products need to meet the required quality to get the legal licence from the health department.

Follow all the Necessary Guidelines

The next step you have to follow to start your own jam-making business is you have to follow the necessary guidelines related to the health of the people. Difference departments required different health-related rules to run any food production business, so you should meet all the requirements that are related to health. It is your duty to produce healthy food by following all rules and regulations.

Pick Up the Raw Materials

The next step you have to follow to start your own Jam-making business is pick up/ collect the raw materials for your business. You should always consider the fresh juicy seasonal fruits for your business. You can build a strong relationship with the farmers so that you can get the best fruits for your jam-making business.

You should consider the fresh juicy fruits such as mango, orange, pineapple, apple, peach, strawberry, guava, raspberries, and more as the main raw materials for your jam-making business.

You can use single fruits to get a particular flavor jam, or you can use mixed fruits to make mixed jam.

You can get the other materials in the local stores that are used to make jam and jellies. These are sugar, citric acid, high fructose corn syrup, pectin, preservatives, salts, color, and some flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon, bourbon etc.

Arrange the jam-making Machinery

The next step you should follow to start your jam-making business is you need to collect some machinery at your kitchen. You should have a juice extractor, fruit pulper, bottle washing machine, grinder/mixer, slicer, cap sealing machine, graters, cutters, carton sealing machine, stainless utensils, weighing machine, hand gloves, working tables, and storing racks, and more.

Your kitchen appliances can save a large number of machinery costs.

Display the Nutritional Content and Info

The next step you should follow is to display all the nutritional value of your jams labels according to the rules and regulations of the Health Board. Nutritional content adds value to your products that will help you to get more customers.

You must include all information about your product such as the weight, name of the product, the list of constituents, and the full address of your company also. The consumer must know everything related to your product from the label of your products.

Fix an Affordable Price for your Jam

The next step is you should fix an affordable price for your jam according to the available same quality product’s price in the market. You should consider your jam making costs from raw materials to the shipping before fixing your products price.

You shouldn’t fix the product’s price too less or too high than the available products of your product’s quality. You can keep your jam’s price at the lowest after considered all costs so that you can get more customers.

You can add your product’s price a little higher after you secure a sustainable income, and have a number of regular consumers for your products.


Next step you should follow to start your own jam-making business is to make an advertisement for your products. You can make an advertisement in the local newspapers so that people can be familiar with your products. You can make adjustments on the food magazines to get more consumers for your jam and jellies.

You can use social media such as Twitter, Facebook groups, and more to advertise your products. You can build a website for your products and keep it up to date to catch more traffic for your products. You can make an advertisement on TV also.


The next step you should follow to start your own jam-making business is the distribution of your products. For your start-up jam-making company, you can distribute your jam and jellies to the local area market such as grocery store, confectionery stores, restaurants, food production bakeries, and more.

You can sell your jam and jellies to the local supermarket also. You will get a regular order from them if you can satisfy them with your products.

After securing a regular income, you can focus on the chain selling platforms to promote your business to international customers.

Built a shipping mode

The next step you should follow before starting your jam-making business is you have to build a shipping mode by which you can ship your tasty jam and jellies from one place to another.

Start your business

You have completed every procedure to start a jam-making business. Now your jam-making company is fit for starting the production of jam and jelly to building your own business. You have successfully overcome all the margins that you could face to start a jam-making business.

Final thought

If you are thinking of starting a jam-making business, then our article provides you with a step by step guideline on how to start a jam-making business. You can begin your jam-making business with ease if you read and follow the instructions as mentioned above carefully. We hope our article can meet your required inquiries about your start-up jam-making company.



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