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Spectra Group Bangladesh

Spectra Group is one of the well-renowned corporate giants in Bangladesh. It had started its business in 1981 as a proprietorship firm named Reza Construction. Through the years, the company has witnessed profound market expansion and its business has proliferated with outstanding service provisioning to customers. With a vision to become a significant leader in every segment of their business divisions both nationally and internationally, the company has paved its way for success in the different industries it has ventured into.

Spectra Group had begun its operation with its major concentration on infrastructural development in Bangladesh. However, later expanded its horizon to other industries as well, capturing substantial market share in sectors like hospitality, real estate, medical gas, agro products and many others.

Through dedicatedly delivering quality products and services with adherence to high ethical standards, the company has been satisfying its customer base over the years. Its business divisions consist of Spectra Engineers Limited, Spectra Oxygen Limited, Spectra International Limited, Sunypun Organics Limited, Spectra Properties Limited, Spectra Convention Centre, Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited and Palm View Restaurant. The group’s newest business division – Spectra Hexa Namsai Ltd., functions in the marine sector.

Spectra Group Sister Concerns

Spectra Engineers Limited (SEL)

Spectra Engineers Limited (SEL) is one of the oldest concerns of the Spectra group. Starting out as a proprietorship firm named Reza Construction in 1981, it had later changed to Reza Construction Limited (RCL), being incorporated as a private limited company in 1989. Afterward in 2011, this construction giant had changed its name to Spectra Engineers Limited.

Since its inception, the company has completed diversified projects and has successfully been able to foster growth in this sector of construction and development. SEL specializes in road, bridge, flyover, building, power plant river bank protection construction and dredging. Additionally, the company also focuses on giving solutions for architectural drawing, design and planning, civil engineering, landscaping and many more. It has completed some very prestigious projects and some of them include the development of Radisson Blu View Chittagong, Bangabandhu Multipurpose Complex, Bangladesh Military Academy, Chittagong, Khulna Bypass Road and etc. Many other projects that are still under process are the construction of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway,  Ghorashal 365 MW CC Power Plant etc.

Spectra International Limited (SIL)

This concern of Spectra Group inaugurated its operation in 1991 as an engineering company, gradually consolidating its position in the health care sector of the country. Providing services to support health care, high-tech technology for defense services, energy and gas sectors, SIL has very prominently made a mark. It worked with some well-established and well-renowned companies in different sectors.

Spectra International Limited (SIL) is the largest medical equipment supplier and technical solution provider having 3 major business domains: Medical Gas Pipeline and Equipment, Turn-Key solutions and Petroleum Transport services.

Medical Gas Pipeline and Equipment:

The Medical Gas PipeLine (MGPL) system was SIL’s first introduction to the healthcare industry, slowly heading towards the medical gases market.

Turn-Key Solutions:

One of the pioneers in Natural Gas Compression Projects in Bangladesh, SIL has contributed to the country through its expertise in engineering, technology, consultation and construction.

Petroleum Transport services:

SIL uses Water Transport Tanker to transport and/or store liquids and gases. It provides exceptional support and safety in the transportation of petroleum.

Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL)

Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL) began its operation in 2009 and has successfully placed itself in an influential position in the industry. It is the very first local manufacturer and supplier of medical gases in the government as well as the private sector of the country. With its indomitable market approach, the company very efficiently produces and distributes all kinds of medical gases across the country.

The establishment of this business division was in 2007, initially operated by Spectra International Limited (SIL) to offer medical gas and pipeline facilities for private and government bodies. Later, realizing the opportunity in the medical gas manufacturing and supply industry, Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL) had taken shape. With a robust market strategy, SOL has captured the medical and industrial gases sector, establishing depots across 14 locations in the country. Through unprecedented quality services, SOL has gained a significant market share, continuing to excel in customer satisfaction.

Sunypun Organics Limited

Sunypun Organics Limited started its operation in the agro-based industry in 2008. It specializes in the production of different types of alcohol using rice corn, maize etc. as raw materials; and the main buyers of their products are pharmaceutical companies. Through Sunypun’s inception, the import of foreign alcohol has reduced significantly and with optimum quality assurance, the company has become a leading market player.

This division of the Spectra Group offers a range of products among which glacial acetic acid is the only industry for this product in Bangladesh. Some of their other products include rectified spirit (RA), denatured spirit (DS), absolute alcohol etc. The company has distributors in about 21 locations across the country and is the pioneer in exporting Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) to overseas countries.

Sunypun Organics Limited has successfully established a prominent mark in their existing agro-based industry, and in recent times has ventured into the production of fuel-ethanol for combustion engines. With rigorous effort to mitigate business constraints, Sunypun has shown remarkable performance and growth.

Spectra Properties Limited (SPL)

The real estate sector of the country has been flourishing and a promising player in this sector is Spectra Properties Limited (SPL). Over the years since 2005, it has completed some very major projects in different locations in the country. Using cutting-edge technology, SPL ensures complete conformity to optimum standards and has become a distinctive contributor in the industry.

Each of SPL’s projects is planned and developed with substantial emphasis on the analysis of the location, environment and other urban factors. Some of their major completed projects lie in areas like Niketon, Gulshan, Uttara and etc. Its buildings are designed in a sense to accentuate the aesthetic aspects and modern conveniences provided by it. Operating in the saturated real estate industry in Bangladesh, SPL has outshined others through its distinguished market strategy and service provisioning.

Spectra Convention Centre Limited

With sprawling urbanization in the city, the organization of events is on the rise. To capture this market, Spectra Group started its operation in the hospitality sector in the year 2000. Spectra Convention Centre has been operating for over a decade now and through unsurpassable quality service deliverance, it has catered to customer needs very effectively. Through innovative solutions to multifaceted event spacing problems, this division of the group has proven to have a competitive edge.

The centre accommodates different types of social, cultural and corporate events. It entices its market audiences through the location and the well-equipped as well as beautifully decorated interior and exterior. Spectra Convention Centre preserves high standards of catering services at affordable price points. The warm ambiance, care and modern facilities that it provides with complete compliance to hygiene factors, make it a popular centre to organize events.

Palm View Restaurant

Palm View Restaurant and Green Point Cafe is one of the finest restaurants in the city, situated amidst the lush greenery of Army Golf Club. It is the quintessence of sophistication and paradigm of superior ambiance. The restaurant caters to different types of cuisine like contemporary, continental, Japanese, Indian and Chinese; and offers a spectacular outdoor experience. Spectra Group ventured into this foodservice industry in 2011 and has outdone many in the sector through quality food, great catering services and a warm environment.

Spectra Group at a glance

Spectra Group is one of the oldest and well-acclaimed groups in Bangladesh, operating for almost 2 decades. Through exceptional service and indomitable business strategy, the group has established itself as a comprehensive solution provider for companies of various industries. Each of its business concerns functions with complete integrity, conformity to quality and competitive edge.

As a leading group of company Spectra Group has thrived in the market and expanded its market share with distinguished service and substantial emphasis on customer demand, successfully fulfilling customer demand.


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