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zefr fusion board

ZEFR, an exceptional bodyboard brand. Their board is a combination of surfboard and bodyboard. They are newer in the market than other brands but supply strong and standard board. People like their board because of its design, stability, durability. Their special feature of the board is camouflage. ZEFR fusion board is now one of the best top 10 boards.

  • Virtually indestructible: one-piece construction; almost impossible to destroy. It will not de-laminate or get waterlogged
  • High quality: it is between a surfboard and bodyboard. Durable enough to use as a beginner surfboard along bodyboard
  • Specs: due to its wide deck it is more comfortable and stable riding. It is also suitable for prone and stands-up riding. Its tentacle grip traction reduces the need for track pads and wax.
  • Unique color
  • 18 step PE foam
  • It gives a guarantee to its customer to never Delma or bubble. It will never absorb water.
  • Measurement:48”*22”*2”
  • Removable twin fins

This board is large and can handle heavyweight people. Those who are little can use it as a surfboard as it is 48 inches long. This board is one of the best for a beginner. Stand-up and prone riders find this board very helpful.


 the provider of this board is ZEFRBoards is not an old brand. But their passion brings them to the top list. They are introducing newer and newer boards in the market. Design, style, color, durability, control of their board makes a great noise. It is really exciting to ride a board that is perfect for all skill levels.

Zefrboards: fusion 48”


Length 48”

Width 22”

Height 2”


the board is stylish and Colorful. One-piece construction makes the board solid. It has a body like a comet and that is really attractive. On the other hand, the crescent tail makes it a universal wave board. Overall the board is can be a dream board of any rider.


18 step PE core. Its wide deck provides a stable ride. Its grip is so good that you might not need trackpads or wax. You can ride prone, drop-knee, or stand up.


  • It doesn’t absorb water. It will not form a bubble.
  • the board is made with solid material. so you might need to give a very high pressure to break it
  • Polyethylene foam was used. As we know polyethylene is hydrophobic
  • It is a hybrid board and the among the hybrid board it is best
  • It gives a lifetime warranty that related to three events:           a. If the board become unglued and separate into three different layer                                 b. Heat bubbles-the outside of the board develops a little air pocket that causes further damage to the board                  c. waterlogging- inner core becomes water-saturated


  • You may find scars on the board. But that will not reduce your performance. This scar is caused by the high-pressure process
  • This is bigger than the usual bodyboard

VIDEO: ZEFR Fusion Boards

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