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Our taste while selecting a house for us is actually an extended criterion of our personality. We put forth our best efforts to make a house our dream home. Like any other people of the world, the idea of building a house is persistent too among the citizens of Bangladesh and real estate companies such as Ventura properties step in to make our dream come true.

Ventura properties believe that home could be a little piece of the green earth of heaven that you can call your own. It is where the basic possessions that make you happy surround you. The time spent in your own house brings a sense of gratitude and calmness. There are just four walls and a roof in a house, but a home consists of everything else inside.

Getting to know Ventura properties better

On April 28, 2004, Ventura Properties Limited was founded by two young entrepreneurs, working together to create a company to redefine the quality and standards of the real estate industry in Bangladesh.

Ventura properties are one of the comings of age real estate companies who have established their aesthetics and reliability by upholding a strong reputation among others. They believe in delivering premium real estate goods and services that homeowners want and need most. They have always stood by their promise of making someone’s house their dream house. The approach of Ventura properties is mainly based on three core concepts of delivering service efficiency, professionalism & excellence and have proven to fulfil all the criteria provided by the home or landowner.

They are working to build a better life for everyone, with value for investments that come with a complete package of a fantastic lifestyle, services & venue. The main mission is to build a positive way of life for the neighborhood and a better life. Ventura properties pledge to have an experience that is both enjoyable and profitable for you and expects a special ongoing partnership rather than a client and employee relationship dynamic.

Ventura properties understand that as landowners what are the main concerns of the client and try to solve these concerns by simply being themselves as they are by nature loyal and trustworthy partners. They work with their landowners as development partners to achieve the highest possible value & return of the property over its lifetime and also ensure construction integrity, effective planning, architectural aesthetics, features and facilities that will be appreciated the most.

Features and Amenities provided by Ventura Properties

Ventura has some significant features that are provided by them that are standardized staples of their company which are 24×7 CCTV Surveillance, 24×7 Standby Generator Support and fire safety and protection system, multipurpose community hall, twin lift with exclusive facilities, in the house swimming pool and many more. These facilities are the essence of the luxury projects that Ventura properties build. All these facilities enable you to live the luxurious life that everybody dreams of and have a lavish and fulfilling experience.

Some Outstanding Projects by Ventura properties

Ventura Properties has also built luxuries and lush apartment complexes in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. They are well-known for the redevelopment of all the posh areas of Dhaka like Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Tejgaon etc. Some of the remarkable architecture includes Ventura Iconia, Ventura Rebecca, Ventura Rosabella, Ventura Tierra, Ventura Lumina, Ventura Mall, Ventura Milestone and many more in different parts of Dhaka City.

They target the upper economic class and build luxurious apartments for them. These buildings are aesthetically appealing architecture for both commercial and residential ones.

Some luxuries apartment that Ventura Properties have built-in Dhaka are:

Commercial Building

Ventura Mall

Ventura Mall
Image Source: Ventura Mall

Ventura Mall is a commercial shopping complex with 13 storeys that has been built with the essence and feel of a high end and luxury shopping center right in the heart of Gulshan which is a prime location next to Pink City Shopping Mall with an already established successful retail hotspot and park-view corner plot with wide road-front

It contains extravagant features such as a 3020 business floor, air-conditioned shopping mall with escalators, upper levels of large business spaces, 3-level ample car parking spaces, modern state-of-the-art finishing & features, and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Ventura Agnibeena

Image Source: Agnibeena

Agnibeena is one of the most iconic commercial buildings that is known for its artistic and futuristic architecture. It is a ten storey commercial building located in the most sought-after retail location of one of the most significant areas of Banani with a workspace and retail-friendly layout. With its futuristic design; it has managed to gain a lot of attention in the area that it is situated in.

It also contains the signature features provided by Ventura for all its commercial and residential spaces such as 2100 square feet space for each floor, twin lift with exclusive facilities, basement car parking,and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Ventura Milestone

Ventura Milestone
Image Source: Ventura Milestone

A sixteen storey state-of-art commercial building with a wonderful architectural design in the prime location of Dhaka city; Tejgaon. The six thousand square feet space leaves us awestruck with its architectural build. It is primarily believed to be situated in a strategic networked location of Dhaka with international standard office spaces.

The additional features contain abundant parking spaces and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Residential Buildings

Ventura Artista

Image Source: Ventura Artista

This building is an exotic combination of class and luxury that offers services that express distinctive human desires properly and is also situated in a prestigious location. It gives those in search of luxurious apartments in Dhaka the utmost sense of beauty and refinement. Artista is situated in a prominent location in Dhanmondi with views of the park and an eco-responsive video facade followed by other amenities like corner plot with park view apartments and has also taken a step towards the sustainability of Earth by providing an environment responsive screen facade

The extravagant features are a grand entrance with water feature, gallery space for exhibition, and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Ventura North Star

Ventura North Star
Image Source: Ventura North Star

No work has been spared to ensure an outstanding sense of grandiosity in a life of privacy and security enveloped in natural splendour at Ventura North Star. This accommodation with a swimming pool is an island of discreet prestige and provides indulgent options for relaxing and convenience.

It is quite a residential environment at the end of the road with a contemporary design of concrete screen which is very aesthetically pleasing for the eyes. The most significant features include a grand entry with reception lobby & lounge, swimming pool with ancillary services, community hall & gymnasium, private infinity pool in selected apartments, exclusive roof garden with BBQ facilities,

and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Ventura Riverstone

Ventura Riverstone
Image Source: Ventura Riverstone

Ventura Riverstone, a luxury in any sense of the word, is the epitome of peace, exclusivity and extravagance. This luxurious apartment in Dhaka is a symbol of excellent artistry and contemporary architecture, prompting your eyes and soothing your desire for glamorous living.

It has a 60 feet wide road-front with an exquisite and welcoming garden entry, reception & lobby

It has marvelous features such as double-height green terrace in the apartment’s roof garden, community room, and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Ventura Roslyn

Ventura Roslyn
Image Source: Ventura Rosylyne

Located in the posh areas of Uttara Ventura Rosylyn is one of the most stylish buildings among all of Uttara. A sign of great elegance and contemporary design, this spacious apartment in Dhaka prompts your eyes and soothes your appetite for glamorous living. It has marvelous features such as double-height green terrace in apartments roof garden, community room, and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.

Ventura Carmelo

Ventura Carmelo
Image Source: Ventura Carmelo

This building is an eclectic fusion of class and wealth that provides amenities that better convey distinctive human needs and is also located in a prominent venue. It offers the ultimate sense of elegance and refinement to those finding luxurious apartments in Dhaka. Ventura Carmelo is situated in a prominent place in Dhanmondi. It has marvelous features such as a double-height green terrace in the apartment’s roof garden, community room, and the features and amenities provided by Ventura.


Ventura properties is a 17 year old real estate company in Bangladesh and have set a footprint in creating architectural wonders in Dhaka city. It has embraced the true essence of a real estate company and has had a good reputation since the beginning of its time. Because of its ethical business model, Ventura Properties is considered to be one of the strongest among the real estate companies in Bangladesh. They have built a very noble and trustworthy image over the past seventeen years that has benefited the business a great deal. It is not only an architectural structure at Ventura; it is elegance and complexity that make the building’s designs stand out. With that being said, Ventura properties believe in having basic values and standard approaches that make them stand out among other companies. An indication that Ventura properties is something more than just a real estate company is the elaborate and lavish designs of their homes, their nature of giving back to society by doing all the things possible. Masterfully blended with the wonders of the natural world, Ventura properties offer you a lifestyle that is in touch with the world. Because of their optimistic perspective on the hard-earned money of people spending their money in creating a company, they have a very different attitude. They are an organization that cares about their customers, colleagues, and the people of this country as well. That’s why people should select Ventura properties to be that company that builds their dream homes for their beautiful futures.


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