How a Website Can Help a Real Estate Business to Grow in Bangladesh

Website Helpseal Estate Business

The way business is done has changed over the years. In the past, if you wanted to open a business, the first thing you did was look for office space. For today’s real estate investor, this is hardly a necessity. With the way technology has advanced, you can probably do everything you need to make an offer from your phone. There is a temptation to have everything lined up perfectly before you make an offer. This means spending money on a website, business cards, letterhead and possibly office space. Some, or all of these can be necessary over time, but until you get rolling they aren’t needed. There is nothing wrong with finding deals on your laptop from your kitchen table.

How the Real Estate Industry is Changing Gradually?

In today’s age, it is very important to keep up with modern technology in order to grow your business. The old-fashioned way of visiting land sites personally is long gone where you have to negotiate via a broker for your given price. That process was very tiring and time-consuming. It was very important to make the communication process easy and hassle-free. This is why it is very important nowadays to keep your business up to date using the latest technology.

With growing competition, enterprises are increasingly faced with the challenge to intervene in the market in various ways to attract consumers, as in this age of digitization, people first do their research online before actually making a purchase. This is precisely where digital presence comes to play and has much significance and value to business organizations.

Nowadays, with a help of a few clicks, you will be able to find any information you want within a blink of an eye. The way customers seek info has also changed. The real estate business is no different. Nowadays customers want to find all the information regarding the company and the land sites on their individual websites because they do not want any hassle. Stats show that more than 50% of people have found their homes on the internet. This is why companies nowadays are becoming more and more aware of the growing need to have an elegant and informative website that would represent the true essence of their company and would at the same time serve the purpose of portraying all the necessary information to the customers.

Investing in a proper real estate website may be viewed as a waste of time for many in our country, given that consumers have to physically visit the land in some way. However, creating an online space improves consumer experience for home and property quest. In Bangladesh the digital presence of real estate companies is gradually booming and is becoming a major part of their investment to bring about their true essence to the world. It is also an extremely efficient way for them to produce leads. For example, big conglomerate real estate companies like Shanta Holdings, Rangs Properties, InnStar are very concerned about their digital presence and they have curated some amazing websites to mark their ground online. The study found the real estate-related searches on Google have grown 253% over the last four years and that 9 out of 10 home buyers relies on the internet as one of their primary research sources, and 52% as their first step in buying a home.

Having a Website Can Benefit You in a Lot of Ways

Over 90 percent of real estate firms in Bangladesh have websites, and the most common feature on their websites were project listings. Having a website will not only make communication easier but it will also help the company in a lot of other ways.

Firstly, a website provides your business with an online presence. A website works to tell search engines information about your business including your address, telephone number, service areas, and business hours. If your business isn’t found on search engines, it essentially doesn’t exist online.

The second reason your business needs a website is because it creates a channel for customer engagement. A good real estate website gives people opportunities to interact with the company, such as by requesting a free quote, scheduling an appointment, emailing the business, or even just looking up the address and phone number. The more information the customers can learn about the company in the fastest amount of time, and the more opportunities they have to engage with them, the more likely they will be to engage with them.

How You Can Get a Competitive Edge Over Your Industry Adversaries

A proper real estate website will also give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. The more information you can provide about your products, services, and personality, the more you can distinguish your business from competitors in your local community. Also, by using content reflective of the personality and culture of your company, your website can get a feel for the experience of your business, not just its products and services. The more familiar you can make someone with your business, the more they will be drawn to it.

Having a website doesn’t just lead your business to exist in the digital world; it helps it to thrive in the physical world as well. A website helps your real estate business in various areas of growth involving your customers, your reputation, and your visibility in your community and industry.

A website will also help your business by generating leads with calls-to-action. A call-to-action is a button or text on your website that prompts someone to provide their contact information for a specific purpose. Examples of calls-to-action include scheduling an appointment, get a quote for a service, download a brochure or eBook, or request more information from the business. Having calls-to-action on your website that require visitors to fill out a contact form provides you with a list of people to follow up with and potentially convert into clients and customers.

The Home page identifies your branded value proposition, the About Us page tells visitors all about your business and the Contact Us page informs everyone how to get in touch with you. It legitimizes your business and improves your credibility. It gives your business identity and is virtual proof that it exists. Having a website means you have your own domain. In a survey, it was seen that 65% of respondents regard a company-branded e-mail as more credible than a generic one.

Having a real estate website can also save you time and money as a business owner. Think of your website as a conversation you’d have with a person interested in your services, whether on the phone or in person. Answering questions they have regarding the land sites or the payment method will show that you are knowledgeable in your area of expertise, and will increase their trust in you, and may potentially lead to a sale. Even better, a website works to allow you to have multiple “conversations” with potential customers at once because, unlike having a one-on-one conversation, more than one person can view your website at a time. Time otherwise spent answering these questions and informing customers can now be allocated to other priorities. In addition, the thought-out content on your website will, at times, articulate your business and services better than you can on the fly.

Easier for You to Portray the True Essence of Your Company

In addition to giving information about your business, a website allows you to showcase your business’s products and services. You can have a photo gallery or portfolio of your completed, ongoing and upcoming projects, a blog where you can stand out as an expert in your area and provide useful information, and even a section for customer testimonials. This allows customers to see how and why they should use your business, which makes their decision making easier.

A website will help your real estate business by expanding your reach. Storefronts, hanging flyers, and business cards have geographical limitations in terms of who they can reach. With a website, anyone can find or stumble upon your work, not just people in your area. This will add more exposure to your work and your company.

SEO, or search engine optimization, works to get your business found by people conducting online searches, putting your business in front of more than just the people who are walking by. If your business website contains enough content that is relevant to your service and location and useful to your audience, you will show up on search engine results pages and get discovered by more people.

Customers often conduct local searches through Google maps to find businesses and services in their area. Having a website linked to your Google listing allows customers to seamlessly proceed to the next step of engaging with you after finding you, whether that step is visiting your real estate office, calling your number, or something else. Clearly listed contact information to facilitate convenient engagement is one of the must-haves for a business website.


With the level of internet usage in Bangladesh, it is imperative to get started with a website for your real estate business. Not only will a website allow you to establish a presence in a world where your target audience lives, but it will also make it easier for more people to search, discover, and contact you. A website doubles your efforts in answering questions, providing details, and refining your brand identity—all of which make it as easy as possible for customers to establish a relationship with you and turn into clients.


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