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real estate company in Bangladesh shanta holdings

In a competitive world today, everyone has hopes, dreams, and aspirations of making it big by having their own company or building their own house. The dream of building a house is constant within the people of Bangladesh as well. This is where the real estate companies step in to fulfill the dreams of the people.

Among these real estate companies, the most renowned and big-name is Shanta Holdings. They have built numerous buildings with elegant yet extravagant designs and have fulfilled the dream of building their own homes for many people. Shanta Holdings is the pioneer when it comes to designs and tries to weave an unprecedented experience of fine living cocooned in comfort for the people. Shanta Holdings continues to lift the bar with the creations to set a golden stand which makes them different from others.

Shanta Group is one of the most influential companies in Bangladesh since 1988. They started their company with Ready-Made Garment (RMG) and quickly reached the epitome of success. After that, they expanded their company into different sectors such as Shanta Industries Ltd, Shanta Washworks Ltd, GDS Chemicals Ltd, and Shanta Denims Ltd. This expansion led to countrywide domination in all the sectors of businesses they chose for their company.

The real estate business took over all other companies and imprinted their brand image in that industry. Shanta Holdings’ endeavors include the iconic Safura Tower- the 16 storied commercial landmarks at Banani, the 200,000 sq ft multi-facility centrally air-conditioned International School Dhaka (ISD) at Bashundhara, the 125,000 sqft Delhi Public School at Uttara, state-of-the-art RMG factories such as its 150,000 sqft Shanta Industries Ltd, the 150,000 sqft Shanta Denims Ltd and the 35,000 sqft Shanta Washworks Ltd at Dhaka EPZ.

Getting to Know Shanta Holdings Better

The main goal of Shanta Holdings Ltd. is to offer a global touch to their designs but also maintaining Bangladeshi culture in living and workplaces, with ultimate uncompromising service and value for the money of their customers and also ensure that the investors are happy as well.

Shanta Holdings is very picky when it comes to the locations they choose for their projects. Most of the time the ventures are constructed in the very selective and prime locations of Dhaka city. In order to ensure the most recognizable designs, all their projects are planned by leading local and international consultants and are adapted to accommodate and meet the cultural requirements of local people. In order to increase the comfort and lifestyle of the customers, they pursue material procurement internationally to maintain the consistency, suitability, and longevity, each material used in the projects is selected. Shanta holdings manage to set themselves apart with the intention of introducing a higher standard in luxury living in all of their projects with the finest, safest, and most practical designs. They believe that a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment can only be maintained by a team of professionals with an eye for perfection. They have always embraced innovation; in Bangladesh, for example, Shanta has implemented parking-free ground floor designs in residential buildings. They believe that in order to make a building feel homely it requires a lobby, beautiful landscaping, water features, and green lawns. They believe the entrance to your home should be full of beautiful elements.

Remarkable Projects of Shanta Holdings

Shanta Holdings has also built luxuries and lush apartment complexes in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. Shanta is well-known for the redevelopment of all the posh areas of Dhaka like Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi, etc. Some of the remarkable architecture includes Shanta western tower, Amari Hotel Dhaka, Northern Lights, Akaash Prodib, Skymark, The Altair, The Etanin, The Aludra, The Alnair, Alishaan, Aradho, and many more. These luxury apartments have an elite and royal feel.

They target the upper socio-economic class and build luxurious apartments for them. These buildings are aesthetically appealing architecture for both commercial and residential ones.

The most commendable projects of Shanta are all the lush apartments which are:

Luxurious Residential Apartments

01. Luxe Apartment

Luxe Apartment
Image Source: Luxe

Luxe is a luxurious community with extravagant features and facilities that amplifies the concept of upscale living in the Gulshan area. The land area that was used for luxe is 21 Katha with a fifty-five feet road in front of it. It consists of 22 apartments each with 4650 sq ft size of units. It has 44 car parking with two basements.

Luxe apartments provide facilities such as grand entry, elegant reception and waiting-lounge, gym with state-of-the-art equipment, elegantly furnished party room, children’s play area, professional landscaping & lighting, rooftop swimming pool, and steam room.

02. The Regal

The Regal
Image Source: The Regal

The regal is also situated in Gulshan and has an opulent residential building with profligate features. The land area for regal is almost 32 Katha with a fifty-two feet road in front of it. It consists of 24 apartments each with 6000 to 6800 sq ft size of units. It has 102 car parking with two basements which are also equally functional.

The regal has a grand double-height entry, elegant reception and waiting for lounge, gym with state-of-the-art equipment, outdoor activity zone, stylish billiard room, heated swimming pool, steam room, and sauna with beautiful landscaped deck & seating at the rooftop which will give you an out of the world experience of luxury and comfort.

03. The Garden

The Garden
Image Source: The Garden

Situated in Eskaton; the garden is one of the most luxurious and supreme residences in that area. The land area is almost 43 Katha with a 90 feet road in front of it. It consists of 100 apartments each with 2100 to 2200 sq ft size of units. It has 147 car parking with three basements which are also equally functional.

The garden contains a lavish reception lobby with security arrangement, separate fitness centers for ladies and gents, indoor children’s play area, multi-purpose community hall, activity room with billiard table and table tennis, six European-standard elevators, state-of-the-art fire fighting systems, and thoughtfully planned-out lawns and water bodies between the towers which will make your living experience pleasant and serene.

04. Bansari

Image Source: Bansari

Situated in Baridhara, Bansari is an opulent residential building with profligate features. The land area for Bansari is 9.90 Katha with a fifty-two feet road in front of it. It consists of 24 apartments each with 4000 to 7800 sq ft size of units. It has 18 car parking with two basements which are also equally functional.

The Bansari has a grand entry and drop-off area, elegant reception and waiting for lounge, children’s play area, gym with state-of-the-art equipment, rooftop swimming pool, rooftop party space, fire fighting, and smoke detection system, multi-level basement car parking with a ventilation system

Extravagant Commercial Buildings

01. Pinnacle

Image Source: Pinnacle

Pinnacle is situated in Tejgaon; a 40 storied beautiful commercial building that has an eighty feet road in front of it and has the most elegant and lavish architecture. The floor area is almost four thousand to fourteen thousand square feet with over 300 parking. It has about five basements which are also fully functional.

Pinnacle also has a grand 45 feet high Atrium entrance, elegantly designed reception lobby, 07 high-speed international brand passenger elevators & 01 service/fireman’s elevator, 11.5 feet floor to floor height, efficiently designed floor space providing maximum flexibility for interior design, fully equipped state-of-the-art gymnasium, aesthetically designed and spacious café at ground floor

02. The Amari Hotel

The Amari Hotel
Image Source: The Amari Hotel

When talking about the extravagant creations of Shanta Holdings; how can we forget about the Amari Hotel. Shanta Holdings has completed this project within a record-breaking time of just 18 months. This has been a milestone for Shanta holdings as it has a hotel under its belt.

The luxurious hotel is 134 keys international standard hotel project. The floor area is almost 136000 square feet that are fourteen storeyed. It has about three basements which are also fully functional. Amari hotel consists of facilities which are centrally air-conditioned, banquet hall, business center, fine dining restaurant, round-the-clock cafe, rooftop bar, swimming pool, and also a fitness center.

03.The Skymark

The Skymark
Image Source: The Skymark

Skymark is Gulshan Avenue’s commercial landmark, the first building in the country to have a completely unitized facade framework. The ultra-modern architecture gives companies the edge of providing beholders with a lasting impression. The land area is almost 27 Katha with a 100 feet road in front of it. It consists of 13 floors each with 5000 to 10000 sq ft size of units. It has 113 car parking with four basements.

Skymark contains elegantly designed atrium entry of 40 feet height to reception zone, insulated, double-glazing, low-emission, heat-resistant glass, 11.5 feet floor to floor height for comfortable interior arrangement, professional landscaping & lighting, four high-speed elevators from internationally reputed brand, four-layered basement parking with mechanical ventilation system, separate vehicular entry and exit and also centrally air-conditioned system with load management

04. The Forum

The Forum
Image Source: The Forum

Forum is the first twin towers of the country. With the perfect blend of intricate design and superlative construction at its core, it is the landmark people have been waiting for. The ultra-modern architecture gives companies the edge of providing beholders with a lasting impression. The land area is almost 90 Katha with an 80 feet road in front of it. It consists of 24+ floors each with 5000 to 15000 sq ft size of units. It has 350 car parking with four basements.

Forum contains elegantly designed double-height atrium and reception, 08 Destination passenger elevators (17 person capacity) of Schindler advanced PORT technology, ensuring optimized energy efficiency and minimum wait times, and 02 service elevators, a central HVAC system with load management , full load power backup with most advanced generator, 12’ clear height from floor to ceiling, artsy Cafe/ coffee shop, efficiently designed floor space providing maximum flexibility for interior design, a wide-open plaza at ground floor (200’ open at the front and 175’ open at the back), an office for sale in Dhaka with insulated double-glazed, low-E, heat resistant glass in fully unitized curtain wall system for energy efficiency, durability, dust and waterproofing, professionally designed landscaping and building lighting (using only energy-efficient LED lighting), state-of-the-art firefighting and smoke detection system, electro-mechanical engineering design by EEC Lincolne Scott Co., BAS (Building Automation System) for complete monitoring, safe and efficient facility management, three-layer basement parking with Mechanical Ventilation system, common area finishing with exclusive materials & fittings, management Office, Fire Command Room, and drivers waiting rooms with washrooms, fire Stairs with 2-hour UL certified fire-resistant doors, central CCTV monitoring & PA systems

Why Should You Choose Shanta?

Shanta Properties is known to be the best among the real estate companies in Bangladesh because of its ethical business model. In the past 32 years, they have established a very principled reputation that has helped the company a lot. At Shanta, it isn’t just an architectural framework; it is the grandiosity and sophistication that make the designs of the building standout. Shanta property is intricately woven with the wonders of the natural world, giving you a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. They have a very different approach because of their positive outlook of the hard-earned money of the people investing their money in building a company.


Shanta Holdings as a leading real estate company in Bangladesh they believe in giving back to society. They have empathy towards the lower-income women and children in our country who are left with little to no money with which they cannot focus to spend on their health issues. Shanta holdings have worked diligently to help these people. They have founded the Centre For Women and Child Health (CWCH) which is a non-profit organization that was established in 2004. The CWCH has the objective to promote the development and welfare of women and children by providing them with health care benefits and provides 24/7 services with lots of facilities such as accommodating 20000 people at a time. The center has adopted a master plan to construct a 300-bed multi-care inpatient hospital, a Nursing College, and also a Medical College.

All in all Shanta Holdings believe in having core values and ethical approaches that make them stand out among other companies. The intricate and extravagant designs of their buildings, their nature of giving back to society by doing all things necessary is a sign that Shanta Holdings is much more than just a real estate company. They are a company that cares for their clients, employers, and also the people of the country. That is why I believe you should choose Shanta Holdings to be the company that builds your house.


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